Human Animal

I am afraid of the human animal.

Who mocks the gift of the word

By deceiving trusting hearts into

Torturing the land in the name of growth,

And poisoning the alchemist worm,

Believing the promise of “plenty”.

Who imprisons the bodies of its offspring,

In the name of safety .

Who makes no room for the mother,

That flees from the monster who will torture her child.

Who loves the few

But is deaf to the cries of the many .

Who tries to save itself

By killing the enemy in the mirror.

Who worships fear and gives it reign

Over Earth and her children.

Who thinks freedom is earned

Through capturing the mind.

Who imagines it is a single and independent entity .

Who ridicules and vilifies those who

Do not cage their spirit in the name of society.

Who marinades and cooks its skin in the name of beauty.

Who poisons its own kin in the guise of saving them.

Who violates the wholeness of its own beauty by commodifying its parts.

All the while offended by the sight of a suckling infant.

Who believes the beauty of a woman is sinful

Yet devours her flesh in desperate fear of the escape of her free spirit.

Who believe in a fairy tale

That has stolen countless lives.

Who has assumed false dominion

over all of LIfe’s children.

Who has forgotten it is made of stars

that are made by a mysterious one.

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