I am an expression in and of the circle of life .

I am unrooted therefore to live I must take another’s life.

There is no other way. Being animal I must eat .

But I must not take what is not offered .

Life offers itself where it is needed. I need only accept .

How to recognize the offer ?

There must be a joining of Spirit between both expressions .

The heart must be opened to receive the offering and meet it with honour and gratitude .

In this way life passes from one expression to the other in full agreement .

Two becomes one . When I take what is not offered I stand in the way of Life’s path,

What was destined for another is stolen .

The other goes hungry and in suffering loses his connection .

Now he has to fight to survive.

Survival is only partial sight and on its own is a desperate and fearful master.

Survival forgets the heart and cannot hear the soul.

Know that the rooted and walking are kin.

Some offer their life to become one with me so that I may continue my journey and open my heart to the depth and breath of the Infinite,

That I may awaken to the knowledge there is nowhere I begin or end.

Even the sacred circle of life is but a brief moment .

Before I take the life that is offered so I may live,

I will bare witness to this honorable one.

I will give gratitude because in its love for me , it makes the highest sacrifice on Earth,

Its own sacred blessed life.

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