A Place Called Remembrance

In a moment you can’t remember, you appeared to yourself,
Timeless perfection,
Language-less, history-less.
An innocent child of the love between the Infinite and the Mother Ground.
Wonder and awe encompassed every cell of your being at what you were witnessing.
Every sense at its highest height absorbing the depth and breadth of Spirit made manifest.
Surrounded by existence appearing in endless contrast,
Reflecting your sacred origin through joyous, harmonious, intelligent design.
What a sight to behold ! What a revelation !
Then thought came, as it did to many before you .
You mistook the servant, thought, to be your master and gave it reign.
And the world with all its levels and names was born.
You were given a history and a future .
And the world of thought said,
“You are not Magnificent until you prove yourself so.”
In that moment you lost your memory and the truth of who you are was buried deep,
Waiting for your return .
Do not believe the world .
The world of levels and names is not real .
It too has forgotten.
There is a place named Remembrance.
An empty space is ready for your being .
Leave now.
Do not pack your worldly possessions.
They are not required and will turn to ashes as soon as you arrive.
There you will encounter others who stopped believing the worlds lie.
There is work to be done.
You will be given your task when you get there.
Waste no more time.
Go now.
They are waiting for you . ~Annette Morris Keane 2018

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