Know this.
No body,
no person,
no home,
no beliefs,
no community,
no country,

no culture,

no ideas,
no creations,
no goal,
no destiny,
no lover,
no child,
no cause,
no effect,
no joy,
no sadness,
no leader,
no followers,
no angels,
no ghosts,
no gurus,
no gods.
will take away your longing to wake and know the One.
You may find temporary reprieve from the suffering of sleep
but until you surrender to Her your dream remains.
Whatever you imagine Her to be,
She is not.
All names deny Her.
All systems blaspheme Her.
Chop your wood,
Feed your children,
You must remain quiet within the house of your soul.
bow your head.
and wait.
Once you’ve called Her to you She will not be denied.
She is coming.

Annette Morris Keane 2015

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