A Call to War

This is a call to war

This is a summons to warriors of the heart .
Get up
It’s time to go to the frontier .
Arm yourselves with your fragilities,

And the great sorrows of society,
And the madness of man,
That blankets your lives with a weight
So heavy most cannot carry it,
Looking away, refusing the truth
But you…
Even though it crushes your bones
And steals the air from your lungs
You look, you see, and you bare.

Bring your weapons of softness and vulnerability .
You have fought many battles,

You bare the scars of countless wounds.

Bring yourselves to the final war.
Defeat the enemy’s insanity with your refusal to fit into its cage.

Craft your armour from your eccentricities,
Your passions, your divergences..
Earth heralds your rising,
She awaits your call for allegiance.
She has prepared her dominion for you and all in her kingdom will arrive to battle by your side .
The walking, rooted and soaring wild are ready for your ascent.
They made an ancient promise
To shelter & nourish the needs of their defenders.
This is a call to the mighty
The artistics and autistics,
The quirks and queers,
The depressed, oppressed and repressed.
The purpose of your design has been revealed.
Earth urges you
Innocence needs you.
This is a call to war.

Annette Morris Keane

April 2018

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