To devise or explore ,
Construct or create ,
Trend or diverge,
A goal or to journey,
To assert or to sing ,
A document or a poem ,
An appointment or a season ,
Concrete or Earth,
Destroy or Birth,
Warring faker or peacemaker,
Order or the wild,
Restrained or beguiled,
To hear or to listen,
Conform or rebel ,
Shoes or bare feet ,
To separate or merge ,
Parts or the whole of the Whole,
To see or see through,
To act or do nothing,
Wait for or make happen .
To drown or to ride the waves…
To kill or to comfort,
Be numb or to feel ,
To medicate or heal ,
Possess or have nothing to lose…….
To blame or inspire ,
Be the same or unlike ,
Treadmill or terrain ,
Betray or refrain,
Depressed or deep rest,
A straight road or a winding path,
Safety or freedom,
To be lost or make roots,
Defeat or resurrection ,
Die or tranform ,
Falling or rising ,
Knowledge or wisdom,
Matter or mystery ,
Bulletproof or Love
A wall or a tree
To exist or to be ,
Dominion or harmony,
To know or to wonder ,
To stay put or to wander,
The choices of Life to ponder 💕

Annette Morris Keane

February 2020

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