Feed me to the Wild

Do not stand by my grave and weep.

Do not bury me at all .

In a box made of illusions .

Offer me to the mother who bore me .

Feed me to my sisters and brothers of the wild .

This body is not yours to treasure while it rots .

It’s not even mine .

Life made love to Earth and seeded her with I.

I was made true by the two of One.

I offered them my skin, my eyes, my ears and my heart for their knowing of themselves.

Ha! How innocent of me to think I had anything to offer them in return .

I am their servant whether I choose to be or not.

Whether I know it or not.

They will decide my fate.

And when this I is done, they will take me back into their infinity.

Don’t fool yourself by thinking I remain in that grave,

In that form you knew.

When I am done here I will be fed to my mothers children

And I will remember what I have forgotten,

That I Am my father ♥️ ~Annette Morris Keane

September 2018

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