There is a sovereign flag on the gate of my heart.
It is in honour and remembrance of them .

Those brave souls who surrendered the temples of their Irish bodies to soar into the free skies.
So that our eyes may follow them in their flight and understand that same freedom.
It is in rebellion and defiance of all ideas of rule over that which cannot be ruled .
All ideas of ownership over that which cannot be owned.
Capture of that which cannot be imprisoned.
Plunder of that which cannot be stolen.
It is to say;
Freedom has always been.
It is not something to acquire or lose.

It is what we are seeded from.
It is our original mother, father and before.
This land where resides our bodies ,

These temples to our souls,

Will birth native difference to other lands.
We are like birds of many colours, perched in many trees

Who share the same sky and whose singing creates a symphony not possible if all sang the same tune.

But no one should be denied their rightful place

In the arms of their motherland,
It is because on a still dark night when the noise and chaos abates,

I am sometimes graced with the presence of my ancestry.

I can feel them rushing through my veins with almost frightening insistence….
Is Mise Eire.

I am Ireland.
And the flag they raised on my heart insists that I am Free.
Because anything that denies Freedom is a lie.

Control is a lie. Rule is a lie.
Colony is a lie.

We are infinite you and I and for this the flag I fly.

~Annette Morris Keane

April 2016

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