Mastering Paradise

Nothing here belongs to you .
For centuries you have fooled yourself into believing you own.
Go ahead and try to prove you own anything here.
Go back through the records and find out what you arrived with,
what your parents and their parents arrived with.
You arrived with nothing, woke up in a body not of your choosing,
that grew from paradise as leaves grow from a tree .
And you will leave, just as the leaf falls from the tree
and you will take none of what you say you own with you .
You came here and drew lines on pictures of paradise
and claimed inside those lines as your own.
Then you stripped it bare and when it wasn’t enough for you anymore,
you drew more lines and fought other line drawers for their false claims.
Yet right under your nose at every turn and in every second ,
is the evidence of your folly.
Nothing here belongs to you .
Your castles are made of flesh you stripped from paradise.
Your fires burn her bones .
Your water comes from her skies,
Your food, your clothing, your people.
Everything that animates your life belongs to paradise,
Including you. You are even not yours to own.
Why do you play these silly games of pretend ?
See how you lose.
See what you will lose .
Paradise is your master.
You cannot master what is not yours to rule.
Go on your knees and bow to your master.
Serve The One who serves you.
Only those who serve paradise will understand Her ways .
Only those who accept Her wisdom will have it.
Nothing here belongs to you. ♥️

Annette Morris Keane

April 2018

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