Merciless Love

Either / or,

Up / down,

Left / right,

This way / that way…..

The human mind always seeking to define for fear of being no one .

But for the ones who see, those days have gone and no “one” is what we must become.

Paradise is under attack and needs her warriors but her children cannot be left alone to fend for themselves .

The seeing ones are called to be both the warrior and the tender-hearted.

We must be ready to battle untamed, our weapons forged from the fires of her pain,

In the same instant that we are dropped to our knees by the apprehension of her majesty

And incapable of the slightest utterance of hate,

She calls for the warrior who rages fiercely against her violators to bow in reverence with a gift to the worm who feeds him.

The warrior and the gentle must become one and like the serpent sheds her skin, emerge from the binds of obversity .

We are no “one”.

We are all .

We were birthed by her and so all of her flows in our veins.

We were created by the slow and steady mothering hand that loved her children, rooted and walking, into being .

And in our blood too flows her brutal passion that explodes fire into her skies and consumes whole countries with her waters .

We are of her,

She is in all of us .

She calls for the wrath of the peaceful and the gentle embrace of the merciless.

Be ready.

Stay awake.

Tend your garden,

Create, pray, love,

All the while keeping your hand on your sword of love for your Beloved Mother.

Annette Morris Keane

June 2019

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