Not broken

The 21st Century ; The Age of the Melancholic Mind .

A brilliant & sacred cell of the divine; the human body.

Built to adapt and re-adapt to the most trying environments is pushed to its seratonal and dopaminal limits .

How many grams of happy hormones are required to fight the body and spirits need of freedom and movement,

So the child human can sit still all day and learn how to attend to the money-monsters hoovering up of its soul,

In exchange for promises of reaching the top of peakless mountains?

And then having been awarded for this endeavour to spend the rest of the miracle of his existence , mechanically climbing that plastic mountain.

What is resilience ?

Is it to not feel the greed lit burn,

The deceitful promise of the medicine,

Tried first on innocent choiceless creatures of Earth, with the impressively unpronounceable, recently discovered ingredient,

Promising infinite youth and laughing in the face of your true beauty and Natures seasons?

What is health ?

Is it to have enough stamina to reach the end of your day, your life, exhausted but having filled every moment with the business of doing and having?

What is happiness ?

Is it that you’re content with the brief moments on the platform where you get to talk and laugh and love and dream before the next train taking you to where you should be busy,

Stops to whisk you away from those moments lest you be in them too long and want to stay there ?

And what my love is sickness of the mind ?

Is it that your beautiful flawless soul cannot tolerate all this ?

Then be sick,

Be sorrowful,


Until you have no place left to go but to your Self .

Your sickness is your truth calling you out of that madness and to the simplicity and power of You .

You are not broken.

You are awake.

Annette Morris Keane

September 2018

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