The Visitor

There is a visitor knocking at your door.

She has been on a long journey .

In the moment she heard word of your birth, she took her first step towards you.

A wise elder as old as your kind, she was by the side of your ancestors holding them and baring witness.

You know who she is , knew she would come but like many in your world you are afraid of her.

“Not today” you say “I’m not ready for her”. You hear her knocking but you don’t want to let her in.

Once she crosses the threshold into your house , there can be no turning back .

You know there isn’t anyway but you think you can’t bare what she has to say .

Don’t wait until there is no choice.

Open the door now .

Don’t wait until the gifts she brings are out of time.

Her name is Grief .

She loves fiercely, her work is not gentle.

She is rarely welcomed .

Those who deny the time for her visit pretend not to hear her knock.

Be brave child for she means no harm.

She will not kill you, just break you open for love.

True, whole undeniable, joyful, suffering, heart-crushing love.

Open the door , invite her in.

Let her look into your eyes and penetrate your soul.

Her first gift is a mirror, look into it.

See what you have been denying .

Fall to your knees in precious sorrow.

She will kneel with you , suffer with you , hold your hands to her heart .

This is her work.

When loves pain subsides for a while she will give you her second gift .

The gift of Now .

You will see Now in all its power and urgency.

See there is no other time.

Your heart has things it needs to say and do,

There are moments to pour youself into ,

Thankyou’s and sorry’s to be said ,

Forgivenesses to be offered,

Blessings to be given and counted,

Memories to be enjoyed ,

Stories to be told

There is music to soothe,

Poetry to recite,

Laughter to be felt in the belly,

Tears to cry together ,

Compassion and passions to share.

Trees and mountains and creatures to be in awe of.

Plans to be made for how to live without sight and sound, touch and scent of the beloved.

Meaning to be contemplated before, not after the inevitable.


There are children to teach not to be afraid – of Grief and the gifts she brings.

Her third gift is her whispered secrets, only for the ears of those who surrender.

If you listen close enough she will finish the ending of the story you are afraid to hear.

You thought you knew how it ends because your human eyes can only see so far .

It is designed that way.

She tells you if you knew beyond Now you would not treasure it.

She tells you this is not the end , just as leaving the womb is not final for an infant.

She tells you there are clues everywhere if only you would stop and look.

As above so below. Your are but a reflection of a beauty your eyes cannot bare the sight of,


She says you must not deny your suffering or them theirs

For in that denial you also turn your back on love.

Open the door . Invite her in.

Let her guide you .

Grief hurts deeply but loves deeper and you will not be sorry you welcomed her.

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