New Human

Earth now holds you in her warm embrace .
May Wind play softly with your hair and fill your lungs with Loves breath.
May Rain bathe you gently and course infinite rivers of life through your veins.
May Sun warm you, feed you and send out a call to the Wildness in your honour;
“Grow, Fly, Dance, Sing, Live! Bring her Joy!”

May flowers colour your walks and
Grass be the softness where you play and lay to rest.
May birds sing to your heart that you are their sister.
Believe them.

May trees stand strong in your storms. Give their silent listening your trust.
May all who dwell in Animalia’s Kingdom
Guide you in the ways of the Mother, her rhymes, her reasons and her seasons.
Let them teach you.

Adams children will take you on the inward journey
Through the landscape of the mind & spirit.
May you make your way in peace and wisdom
And in the company of fine souls.

And there is a mystery that lies behind it all .
It has many names and none.
There is nowhere it is not but known only by a rare one.
May you be still often, so you can feel it, know it.

Because you came, the world shines brighter .
Lives have been filled with delight
Hearts love more than they knew they could,
Beginnings have begun.

You are powerful,
You are precious,
You are Life.
Welcome Little One ️!

Annette Morris Keane

May 2017

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