May you be wild.

May you have courage.

May you be real.

May you speak only truth.

May your heart fill with compassion.

May you honour earth.

May you know kindness.

May peace guard your home.

May your suffering strengthen and soften you.

May you feel strong enough to forgive .

May knowledge humble you.

May you receive what you need and may you give what you don’t.

May the walls of your mind fall away gently and all absolutes disappear before your eyes.

May you awaken to the vastness of your souls existence and surrender to the limits of your temporary beings control .

May you recognize the nearness of Life’s beauty.

May you know the joy of simplicity.

May love penetrate every cell of your being and radiate within you and from you,

As strong and bright as a thousand beaming rays of the sacred blazing sun.

Annette Morris Keane

January 2018

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