I am sovereign soul made manifest

Blood and bones born from the belly of the Sacred Mother

I am conscious being, a cell of the Great Divine

This animal body that houses me , this discerning mind,

Is bound only by Holy laws;

Made from Earth, Wind, Fire, Water.

Creations of the Original Intelligence

I am Primal, Ancient, Eternal, Love

I reject the imprisonment of this mind and body

By false gods and their weapons cast from fear

I reject the false authority of self appointed masters

I reject the influence of deception, division and disguise.

Infidels shall not cross the threshold of my conscience.

I call my blessed soul to this body

To leave the realm of Dreamtime

And enter the lands of the Sacred Mother

So that I am my Whole and Undivided Self .

In this age of transfiguration

I call on the great Alchemist, Death

To come and take what has decayed

And transmute it to awakened Life.

I call on the inhabitants of the seen and unseen Earth realms

To walk with me, talk and pray with me

So I may know that I am not alone on this journey

From the treacherous lands of unbelonging

To the safe and loving arms of Her Love

Where I will never again be blinded by fear

Or forget my true name

Nor that this Life-infused blood

And these blessed bones are not mine, but Hers

And when the time comes, I must return them,

Not rotted with lies and poisons

But enriched by who my soul chose to be

When I lived within.

June 2020

Annette Morris Keane

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