Who’s lead to follow?

She who is billions  of years old, 

A jewel of the Infinite , 

Or those who strip Her bare 

Of her hair- forest , 

Her soil-skin, Her rock bones-

In the name of progress 

And evolution of the mind ? 

Do I entrust my children

To an automated


Lifeless system,  

Or to the One who’s heart of fire

Pulls them to Her so gently

Yet powerfully,

That they can’t fall away from Her

Into the Infinity of Space? 

Should I believe them 

When they say they have the answers ,  

That they can globally fix 

what they created

But all the while denying

It was they who created it 

With their global ways? 

And I in blindness traded in their wicked market . 

How sorry my heart is.

But now I choose Her . 

And I will listen to Her

And instead of running in fear from her wounds , 

I will help her heal them , 

With her own ancient medicines. 

Change is coming .

It is a time of great choice making .

Choose wisely .

~Annette Morris Keane.

May 2020

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