Damhán Alla

“Tell me a story, a true story” said the boy to the old spider one day .

And so the spider began to tell the boy a magnificent tale of flight through aeons,

From the beginning, when the Great Spirit who had resided beyond any place,

Exploded into time and space, all the way to the age of Mother Danú .

Who is “Mother Danú?” the boy asked.

“She is none other than the one who gave birth to both of us child” Spider answered.

She holds you, feeds you , shelters you, gives all she has to you in every moment you live”

Spider spoke of the majesty of Mountain , the grace and endurance of River, the peace and power of Sea.

She could not contain her delight in the symphony of Danú’s children , walking soaring, finned and rooted.

She said it all seemed to her like a great web of being, full of sights, sounds, scents, tastes & texture.

And Love.

Spider noticed a bewildered look on the boys face .

“What is it child?”

And the boy said; “But where are the humans?”

And spider answered “We haven’t gotten to humans yet. They only just arrived”

“This is not a true story” said the boy . “You’ve made it up. Humans have been here a long time.

We have many stories,

We are everywhere,

We have cities full of mighty works,

We fought great wars ,

We discovered lands and resources,

We invented,

We built empires,

We educated ,

We invented life saving medicines,

We civilised savages,

We gave them their own place to be.

You dishonour my people by not telling the truth”

Old Spider gently replied;

“Beautiful innocent child ,

The story you have been told is but partly true,

And the whole story makes all of that part a lie .

For no story is complete or true unless it contains all of its parts .

In their beginning, your people knew and told the true story.

Some of your ancient tribes, the ones you call savage, are still trying to tell it .

But most of you are not listening.

For centuries your stories are of human being and human meaning only .

And this is the gravest mistake your kind has ever made .

For the human gift of mind is both a blessing and a curse .

A blessing because you can use it to look upon your Mother Danú in wonder and awe,

And in loving and learning from her, bring so much beauty, and creativity

To the whole story .

But a curse because in only telling the human story, you have lost so much .

And you have caused so much suffering for your kind

For all kind.

Know this child and tell all who will hear .

No wars will find peace ,

No wounds will truly heal ,

No sickness will be defeated ,

No hunger overcome,

No fears dissolved

No equilibrium reached ,

Unless your kind seek out the whole story

And tell it over and over again until you know yourselves not as a great feat of evolution,

But as a part of the Great Story without which you are not at all.

While you make enemies of each other by turning your sacred gifts of creativity, intellect, passion into weapons of power and deceit ,

You ignore that your existence depends on the worm in the soil beneath your feet,

And the community of tiny beings within your own bodies,

Both of which you would sterilise out of existence.

Oh how your irreverent cleverness has blinded you .

A messenger of your kind once prophesied;

“And the meek shall inherit the Earth”

Take heed, they shall.

Return the gift of your life to the whole story where there is an empty space waiting for your presence”

That day, the boy became man. The veil of the story of separation was lifted from his eyes .

He was full of sorrow for all that his kind had become

And joy for all they could be .

He bowed to Old Spider and thanked her making a vow to serve the whole story

And he travelled the world telling it to all who would listen

For he Kew how badly they needed to hear it .

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