Now in this time of great sorrow and fear you ask me to trust you with my children .

Tell me, how?

How can I trust the one who has lied over and over ?

I know who you are but I don’t think you do .

How can I trust the one who does not even know himself ?

I know you are not the liar in your true state .

You are afraid.

And your fear leaks into the hearts of all who’s lives you have assumed charge of.

Fear of losing control, but you , we , never had control. We assumed.

And in that imagining we divided what is whole, what needs to be whole .

And we poisoned all the parts .

And I awoke to the terror of what I had done.

And it shattered me .

Many thought I’d lost my mind but no , I had found it.

Now you ask me to trust those you trust .

They who, while all the time I existed in a divided state, separated from my soul, managed to convince me that poisoned food would help me flourish,

That I and my species were invincible,

To turn from the suffering of our Mother and her children for the sake of progress .


What even is that if it is only accessible to the divided part while all other parts are tortured to death in its name ?

Don’t you know a part cannot exist without the whole ?

Don’t you know that you are nothing without the trillions of microscopic creatures that hold the temple of your body together ?

Some, whose hearts have turned cold and rotted with greed have whispered in your ear , tempting you with their promise of possession , control , eternal youth (it cannot be!) have worked their way into the minds of those seated in the houses of reckoning .

Are you a servant of the people you made a promise to or a servant to those who would root the spirit out of every living being and replace it with a motor?

Those cold and rotted hearts , who decades ago convinced us of no hunger , abundance for all, utopia,

Bringing their land, winds and water poison, their theft of the central fires.

Then slaughtered and continue to slaughter all life they deemed unnecessary.

But now truly wise hearts and learned minds know that they were wrong!

And despite the attempts to silence their wisdom, and the refusal of millions of terror filled hearts to hear words of true and incorruptible intelligence ,

I have listened .

So no .

I will not be participating.

I do not consent.

I do not give permission to the poison medicine man, the same one who cast his shiney trinket spell over the world, turned us on our own Mother until we drove her to the brink of her ability to hold us.

He will not infiltrate the temples of my children’s bodies with more of his poison.

I know what I must do.

I must treasure and protect our Mother and love my brothers and sisters of the wild,

Walking, rooted, soaring and finned .

I must feed and heal my children from abundant unpoisoned lands .

I must seek out and remember ancient wisdoms .

I must only trust those who have proven I can .

I must not permit the ones who have never shown any reverence for or willingness to learn from their Motherland, into the sacred domains of my mind and heart, my family .

I must stand strong and rooted in the light of my knowing and remember that I am a child of the Divine.

The true and original knowledge .

And when you come to tell me that you too have chosen to denounce fear and follow truth, root out the lies and cast them from your influence ,

I will consider trusting you then .

Until then , do as you will .

I am ready for whatever you bring to my door .

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