Sweet simplicity….saving lambs quarter

This morning with my boy transferring our dried lambs quarter seed and leaves to jars . More about lambs quarter below….

Lambsquarter , as seen in the field here ,

is also known as fat hen and goosefoot. It’s a wild “weed” (often maligned by those not in the know about its amazing attributes) is really abundant all over Ireland and is packed solid with essential vitamins and minerals. For example, 3.5 ounces of raw lambsquarter, which is about 1 cup of greens, contains 73 percent vitamin A and 96 percent vitamin C of your recommended daily allowances. It is also a great source of the B complex vitamins , protein, calcium , omega 3 and 6 , iron and many many micronutrients . As if that’s not enough It’s also packed with medicinal benefits including for inflammatory conditions , pain , diarrhoea, circulation , it’s antioxidant capacities cleanse the blood and digestive system and more . The edible seeds are high in protein . Wild grains are much more potent than domesticated grains and a small amount is often enough to sustain your energy. Another way to increase the seeds’ resources is not to cook them, but instead to sprout them. Though wild plants are potent already and go a long way in nourishing and healing, sprouted wild grains are even more concentrated in nutritional value. We are thankful to Earth for her nurturing care and looking forward to adding these to breads , soups stews , pestos and more ♥️

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