Summer moments ….

Elderflower harvest for cordial (below) and oat & seed bread
Home made
Created by little fingers age 10
Bluebell seed pods
Bird houses made by 12 year old hands
Beautiful painting by my gifted artist friend Aishling Hennessy . Cabbage flowers by Earth.

Herb Robert … an ancient healer
Holiday evening at River Slaney , Wexford
Home made
Sliabh Bloom afternoon ….
Come away oh human child to the waters and the wild …
Weather for ducks on a June day
All Gods creatures have a place in the choir
Saving onion seeds
What you lookin at ?!
Love is all ya need !
Poppy being Really Red
Being a bee on a thistle
Sweet Dreams
A visitor with a sore leg who needed some tlc from the pro’s . He moved to a safer home away from busy roads
Mysterious beings underfoot everywhere
Fermenting ginger
Life springing forth
Sacred Geometry
8 feet of Sunshine
Let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food
Full moon watching us
Small Tortoiseshell – Ruán Beag
Contemplating Laois at Rock of Dunamaise
Without dark, light could not be
Divine Design . Poppy seed pod with and without cap .
Busy in her meaning
Beans and lentils showing off their colours
The generosity of Earth in a cucumber
…..and in a pepper
Keeping the windows of the mind wide open …

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