Joy in the ordinary…

“The mundane and the sacred are one in the same “ ~Alan Watts

Seed saving time ; medicinal common mellow and lupin seed pods
Young engineer and his nana building a reading light
Little gardener harvesting tomatoes in the polytunnel . Growing tomatoes is an ongoing learning experience we get a bit better every year !
Butterfly youths

Pickle preserving our cucumbers …

Summer meets Autumn….

Sunflower and Elderberry
Elephant Amaranth …..
Highly nutritious Amaranth is an ancient grain traced all the way back to the Mayan’s who depended heavily on it health and sustenance . They also believed Amaranth was a powerful tool for connecting to the world of Spirit and used it as such in rituals in ceremonies and rituals . The invading Spanish attempted to destroy all traces of Amaranth by condemning to death anyone caught cultivating or processing it. However due to its resilience tenacity maybe even a helping hand from the other side it would not be eradicated and is now enjoying a resurgence and recognition for all it offers to the circle of Life. More on the story of amaranth at Ancient Grains

Some favourite words by Rainer Maria Rilke, for the mind, heart and soul enduring challenging times

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