Off the main road …

Emo Court, Co. Laois. What a beauty!
Sister Tree and her Brother Human hanging out in the red
Resurrection . Renewal . Rebirth . Life keeps on living no matter what we think .
Portal (to where?) at Garryhinch Woods .
My precious fairy child wild and free on the Sliabh Bloom Mountaims
there upon the shore;

What need have you to care

For wind or water’s roar?

And tumble out your hair

That the salt drops have wet;

Being young you have not known

The fool’s triumph, nor yet

Love lost as soon as won,

Nor the best labourer dead

And all the sheaves to bind.

What need have you to dread

The monstrous crying of wind?

~W.B. Yeats

Fantastic Fungi ! Have you seen the film? If not ~ you must !

These little beings are utterly fascinating to me. They have so much business here (on Earth) we are nowhere close to understanding them despite many years of investigation and research . I highly suspect an intelligence we might find very shocking !

Proud grower of over 70 pumpkins for the first time this year. So grateful to have spent many summer afternoons and evenings in the company of lovely Earth~lover friends at Clondarrig Farm , Laois
Brewing Fire Cider Tonic

Fire Cider is a traditional folk remedy for colds and flus which also stimulates the immune system to help defend the body against various radical pathogens it encounters throughout the winter . With ingredients like horseradish, ginger roots, onions, garlic, lemons, oranges, chillis , turmeric, raw apple cider vinegar and raw honey it is a potent and fiery medicine full to the brim of vitamins, micronutrients , enzymes thats helps keep you warm, fit and strong through the winter months .

Fire cider is a well known and loved treatment for flu and common cold, tonsilitis, respiratory disorders, viral bacterial and fungal infection, urinary tract infections, cardiovascular health, bone health, inflammatory disorders, digestive health, abnormal cell growth (e.g. cancers ) blood pressure disorders and more .

Source :

Making milk Kefir …
(Milk) Kefir is a thick, fermented milk drink that tastes a bit like plain Greek yogurt, is slightly sour and creamy and packed full of all kinds of gut-friendly probiotics.
To make your own kefir , you need some kefir grains.
Kefir “grains” are the “engine” of the whole process, containing all the yeasts and bacteria needed to ferment the milk into creamy kefir.
If you are gluten-free you don’t need to worry as these aren’t true grains, but rather rubbery, cellular structures).
They’re like what the SCOBY is to kombucha (as seen in previous post) only instead of looking like a rubbery slimy disk they look like milky cauliflower. You cannot grow your own kefir grains and will need to acquire them either from someone local who makes kefir or purchase them online.
Once you have your kefir grains, you won’t have to buy them again. They will grow and continue to ferment many batches of kefir.

Benefits of Kefir:

Kefir is a more potent source of probiotics than yogurt with over 61 different strains of bacteria’s and yeast which provide a very rich diversity of probiotics which;

Helps protect against infections by inhibiting the growth of harmful bacteria including Salmonella, Helicobacter pylori and E. coli

Helps improve bone health and reduces the risk of osteoporosis. Full-fat kefir is a great source of calcium and vitamin K2 which plays a central role in calcium metabolism. Supplementing with K2 has been shown to reduce your risk of fractures by as much as 81%.

May help protect against cancer growth by stimulating the body’s immune system . One study found that kefir extract reduced the number of human breast cancer cells by 56%, compared to only 14% for yogurt extract.

Alleviates many digestive problems including many forms of diarrhoea, irritable bowel syndrome, ulcers and more.

Has been shown to suppress inflammatory responses related to allergies and asthma.

Saving cucumber seeds.

To save your cucumber seeds for next years plants , allow a cucumber to overgrow until it gets large and yellow then cut and scoop out the seeds from what should be (by this stage ) a hollow-like core. (Chop and feed the rest of the cucumber to the birds who’ll love you for it ! )

The seeds will be covered in a gelatinous protective coating which can be removed via a wet or dry method . This here is the wet method which is the one used by those wishing to keep the seeds viable for longer (up to 10 years)

First drop the seeds into a bowl of water. Seeds that are not viable will float to the top . Remove these . Drain the rest then add them to a jar of water which you’ll then leave to sit for 5 days . The protective coating will ferment and come away from the seeds.

At this stage they can be rinsed and left to dry, spread out, one seed deep on cotton or paper towel for another few days until they are hard and dry and ready to store away in a cool dark dry place . Ensure they are fully dry so that they don’t go mouldy .


Pressing and drying leaves for winter crafts
Samhain pumpkin carving day
Samhain pumpkin carving

We are getting busy crafting for our mini Christmas craft fair. Most of our materials are recycled, up cycled and reborn !
Emo Park, Co. Laois . Swaggering Swan so knows how beautiful he is!

Cruising with the clan .

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