Take a walk with me ,

Leave the room of your troubled mind.

Close the door behind you .

Go out to my Earth realms .

Be still . 

Look closely. 

See me.

Sense me.

I am the strength of the ground holding your weight , 

In the light and heat of the suns rays , there I shine, 

I flow in the cleansing waters.

In the busy soils of the forests and fields, 

I live in the work of the microcosmic labourers who nurture your food to life.

I am the redness of that rose

I am the innocence of the daisy

I am the unhurried snail,

I am the speed in the wings of a fly ! 

I am in the work of the summer bees and in the slumber of the winter hedgehog .

I reside in the patterns;

The spiral in the dandelion, the sunflower, the snail shell, the fern, the whirling waters, winds, galaxies,

The fractaling of the leaf’s veins, the tree’s branches , the stream children of mother rivers, the bodies internal organs! 

I am the scent of sage, rosemary and thyme, of warm bread, of the sea, of a loved ones skin.

I am the sound of birdsong, of the howling winds, of human voices in joyous harmony.

I am the touch of a warm gentle breeze , the awakeness in the winter morning chill on your skin.

I am the beauty of butterfly wings, of an animal mothers devotion to her children ,

Of a smile,

Of poetry, 

Of mountains ,

Of kindness.

I am

In the sorrow you feel for anothers pain,

And in their endurance of it.

In the longing for an absent loved one.

The knowing inside you are afraid to hear .

Courage in the face of fear,


The open embrace,

The refusal to separate, isolate, detach, divide , tear asunder

That which is sacred and whole .

I am the medicine .

I am the medicine.

I am the medicine.

In the being

In the joining,

In the giving of Love.

In the joy of remembering all of this.

I am here in every strand of all existence.

Only a thought away.

Step into me, step out to me.

I am the life of light

I am the rest of dark

Here is where you will find me .

You must choose how you see .

~Annette Morris Keane, December 2020

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