What if …

Belief in a lie turns it true ?
“Food for all” means more hunger?
The water they trade causes a parched mind?
Their progression means our deterioration?

Their kind of evolution would devolve us?
Their education destroys our knowledge?

They have breached the boundaries of our private minds and hijacked our thoughts?
Behind the influence of the beautifully packaged hides a monster paymaster ?
The method is a weapon?
The protectors don’t even know they are led by the enemy?
The freedom promised becomes a prison?
The pied pipers lair of safety is terribly treacherous?
The medicine is poison?
Woke is asleep?
The herding shepherds are wolves?
The self appointed god is a devil ?

What if the “dangerous rebels” have been driven demented by truth not seen by the good citizens?

What if the haunting demons are actually angels with a message?

What if there’s a much better path to take?
What if all is not what it seems ?
-Annette Morris Keane

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