What will you do?

What will you do when they slay 1500 ancient oaks , to rebuild old Notre Dame ?

Does God live there ?

Or would walls and a roof, no matter how pretty they are, not imprison the Sacred One?

Do you know the Oak?

I mean do you truly know the Oak?

Do you know the ancient forest?

Do you know what it means to slay an ancient forest ?

What it has meant ? What it will mean?

Do you feel the pain of this killing?

Will you try to stop them?

What will you do when they sell the ground under your neighbours (or your) feet, the ground where his food grows, to a giant foreign machine because they’ve discovered underneath its life sustaining clay lies the treasures they want so as to build more machines?

These machines they say will save us,

Will they ?

Have you seen the “granting of licences” ?

Do you know this is the plan ?

Do you know they’ve done it countless times before, leaving nothing for Life to feed itself with?

Are we not guardians of the space in which we reside ?

Are we not indigenous to the land that we grew from with the charge of caring for it while it cares for us?

Do you know that in their version of the rules you only “own” the top layer and they “own” all of underneath ?

Are you happy with their rules ? Does anyone own anything ?

What will you do when they slay ancient human oaks ?

Will you try to stop them?

What will you do when they lock my family and others like us out of this new Utopian society they are promising ?

Will you believe them when they tell you it’s for your safety ?

That we are a threat to your existence ?

Will you hate us , call us despots when we are willing to sacrifice so much for the freedom to decide what is right for our bodies , for our children’s bodies ?

Are we crazy for trusting in our knowledge of Natures ancient ways ?

Have I told you about their medicines we have already taken?

The ones they said would protect us all from each other and how they have hurt so many of us already?

Have I told you we have reasons?



Would you believe me or did you already decide not to look or listen ?

Do you believe the mother who’s child died in her arms, or the rich man who sold her the magic potion and convinced her to give it to her baby ?

They said it was the right thing to do .

Do you know they paid her and thousands like her for the sorrow they caused (and thousands more for their silence?

Do you think their money fixed her broken heart?

Do you believe they know better than us?

Than you?

Than Nature ?

Do you know?

Or do you know only what they tell you to know ?

What will you do when we are divided into

Clean and unclean,

Worthy and unworthy,

Valuable and of no use,

Safe and a threat ?

Or have they already done that ?

Will I become a criminal in your eyes ?

How do you think you will know the difference between you and I ?

How will they identify us ?

Will they brand us or brand you ?

Will you feel safe then ?

Will you feel safer when you are separated from me ?

Do you know me ?

Do you know how I love

With my hands?

My mind?

My heart ?

My soul?

What path will you choose ?

What will you do ?

~Annette Morris Keane, March 2021

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