Imagine …..

You are a whole, complete , full, infinite, free, loving , being,

Wanting , desiring nothing more than what already is .

You have a thought …

“I“ ….

and that “I” thought is followed by

“I am”,

Which in turn gives rise to what is not “I” .

Because for “I” to be known to itself it needs the existence of what it is not .

And so the cosmos of relativity was born .

Everything from that one thought split into relative form;

What “is” relative to what “is not”.

And relative being spiralled outward in all directions creating micro and macro cosmic universes,

Including our own human experience .

And so here we are .

A tiny aspect of Infinite Being – imagining ourselves to be “other” than the original “I”,

Imagining all we encounter to be “other than” our Self .

Aware there is a journey that must be taken .

Aware, because of the pain of our believed separated state that we want peace, wholeness,

Aware we want to return to what we left, what we have forgotten.

It may be a thousand or a million year journey ,

Or it could be instant – depending on how much truth one can bare at a time .

And now …

We look at everything in our lives , every one , as not just a messenger , a teacher or an angel , here to help us re-route,

But as living reflections of beliefs we can overcome , or joys that we are.

If “they” seem to create sorrow , anger, distress in our being, they may not be creating it, rather they may be reflecting it .

“They” may be as actors in our dreams, showing us what needs to be undone,

Or for those who reflect joy, what we are being called to remember .

What if every single encounter we have with beings , with places , with , circumstance , is an opportunity to see into , see through and to answer a cryptic call home ?

A call that is only cryptic because we have come so far away from home that the Simple Truth of our being, always calling us , must enter our cryptic thought-made world, must speak our language, in order to reach us – in the hope we hear it,

See through the complex coded matrix of existence we created ourselves ,

Over millennia upon millennia, desperately trying to figure ourselves out ,

Theorising ourselves further and further away from the simplicity of our pure blissful , loving infinite Self .

What if we are only Love , only God ?

And all in our path is just our very own Self working it’s way Home ?

And every step we take “upwards” out of imagined separation will bring us closer and closer ?

Through the physical realms first ,

Then the astral realms , the causal realms and beyond ….

The question is, how much truth can we bare ?

Because the truth is so much more than the imagined limited being can handle,

Meaning when we truly remember , it will destroy who and what we think we are .

Are we willing to surrender to this ?

Are we willing to die to the lie ?

This is what will determine the speed of our journey

Home ❤️

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