This is me . Who are you ?

The time for beating round the bush, playing our cards close to our chest, tip-toeing for fear of offending or losing people has come and gone. As I see it now, it’s time to say who I am, without all the poetic wordery most don’t read – instead – straight up no bullshit.

Because people like me – and my family , and I know there are many more than us – we need to be able to see each other .

Because we will need each other .

Because we already do.

Because this is serious shit we’re dealing with here .

So here I am……

Our family will not be consenting to being part of the mass vaccination trial currently being implemented in Ireland and around the world.

Nor will we consent to our personal information, lives and movements being dictated/ determined by an artificial intelligence platform that decides whether we are eligible or not to participate in society, ie a digital certificate or passport system, ie a “social credit system” in the making. Do you know what this is ? It’s a reward and punishment digital system that gives you points for being a well behaved citizen – or takes them away if your governing authority disapprove of your behaviour . Check it out , it’s already under way in some parts of the world, eg ; The Peoples Republic of China.

Nor will we consent to any authority other than our own God given intelligent mind, heart and instinct dictating who we can have in our home depending on what their status is .

For the past year , though not sick, I have worn a mask where I have to. That doesn’t mean I always agree with it . I do not believe In the ludicrous assumption of sick until proven healthy .

And I do my very best to subject my children as little as possible to this depersonalisation strategy that has disconnected whole populations and communities of people from each other’s hearts. I personally believe this has been by design .

Social control is best managed through fear” -M. Crichton

This is not what I want for them and I will do my best to maintain a a childhood free of fear and full of love and freedom . Not an easy task when surrounded by people who’ve been terrified so much .

There are many reasons for our choice not to take part in the trial, including personal perspectives on what true health is , personal experience in what causes illness and disease , the direct relationship between Nature and health, personal experience and well researched knowledge of the role the pharmaceutical industry plays in creating illness and disease, and our knowledge and experience of alternative healing and health management etc .

This is our choice. It is not an uneducated choice.

Our choice is researched and informed and we know that as people who make it our business to try live with integrity, to try live purposeful meaningful lives, to try give as much as we receive , to try to be respectful towards all life, to live in harmony with Nature, that we deserve and have a right for this choice to be accepted and respected .

We also know that this will not always be the case over the coming months .

So as a mother I feel the need to prepare for what might be coming .

I know I’m not alone when I say my children, we all, have had a very tough year. (Though I’m acutely aware that our experience isn’t a fraction of the suffering that has been visited on millions by our so called democratic leaders) With all their social activities banned they have missed out on a lot .

As homeschooled children these activities played a big part in their social lives , along with one on one friendships, many of whom have fallen away , with people so afraid of being together .

My door has always been open to connection and friendship with like-hearted folks – and always will be . You see I know that most people don’t need to be policed into taking care of each other . It has always been the case in our lives that if friends and family are sick they stay apart until they are better .

We care for each other because we care for each other . Not because we are forced to .

Living will always involve risk. There is plenty more risk coming . There are very powerful people who can make a lot of money and gain a lot of power and control out of fear and risk.

They shout down to us from their tightly secured ivory towers; “We’re all in this together” , getting wealthier and wealthier , while they watch the lives on the ground fall apart.

There is much we have no control over but….

Should we let them make us stop living for fear of dying?

To those who disagree with our way…. I accept that, I respect your right to choose your own path and I ask you to return that respect . And I ask you to not give permission to those who would take our choice away .

This trial may save many , but it WILL, and HAS, also hurt and killed many too. Those who see us humans as data , they’ve made their peace with a few losses for what they see as a greater gain . A few thousand lives out of a few billion is ok with them. What about you ?

There’s a risk either way.

Will it be ok for those who will be hurt or will die to not have had a choice ? Coercing people by removing their access to society and right to work to support their family is just an underhanded version of force .

No one is leaving here alive .

While I am here I want to LIVE. I want my children to LIVE.

I KNOW we don’t need to inject ourselves, program ourselves (as if we are some kind of battery devices rather than sentient sacred beings) over and over every year, to armour ourselves against some newly discovered enemy, to be tracked, traced, identified, certified , so we can continue to breathe or so that we are not a threat to others lives .

That is not LIVING .

That is barely existing .

But to LIVE we DO have to take care of each other .

We DO have to take care of LIFE.

We do need to understand how Life works, how it has worked for millions of years and how to live in harmony with that intelligence .

We do need to admit to and forgive ourselves for the violation of Natures laws . We need to know that continuing to violate them , to arrogantly use the intelligence we were given to try to control rather than understand and work with Natures laws will not lead us anywhere good .

The evidence of this is staring us in the face . Before you do what they tell you , you need to know that most of those offering us the solutions are the very people who have created so many of the problems , while you were distracted with surviving the way they taught you to. It’s not your fault .

I refuse to submit to the authority of fear. I will not sacrifice my children to it.

And so yes…..

Here I am. Here we are.

If you and your children want/ need friendship that is not dependent on control and authority we are up for new friendships.

And if you are an old friend who has been here all along, or who doesn’t judge us for our way of life , even if yours is different , you already know what you mean to us – THANK YOU is not enough but I know you can feel what words don’t say❤️

Annette Morris Keane . April 2021

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