If they ask….

To those who want to know how you plan to “do your duty” without taking part in the scientist saviour’s trial,

or the Truman Show surveillance,

in reverence for the ratings,

making sure the set is always in precise order,

and the hero never finds out he is an actor in a play from a billionaire script …

Tell them you’ll be making your body vessel healthy so it is strong and resilient and in harmony with Divine Design.

Tell them the indisputable unequivocal results of the Original Trial,

(the one the kings of scientism, in their own terror, chose to ignore, and worse hide)

…came in after millions of years.

It revealed an Intelligence our limitations will never allow us to apprehend,

and that…..

We are not in charge.

Tell them you’ll be taking direction from the Original Scientist , Doctor , Governor, Teacher , Law-maker .

Tell them you have a direct line of communication that doesn’t require the cutting down of ancient tree beings .

Tell them you’ve been down the yellow brick road, seen behind the curtain and witnessed the scared little man who was pretending to be a powerful wizard .

Tell them the sights you’ve seen , the shattering of layer upon layer of illusion brought you to your knees,

….over and over,

and though you thought it would kill you ….

You are still here

… and you realised that something bigger than you makes it so .

And you went in search of what That is .

Tell them fear has lost its battle for reign over your Soul.

… and despite regular attempts at resurgence , it retreats day by day in undeniable defeat .

Tell them you know This Life is on short term loan to you so you plan to


…..in every moment of it and find out why and who.

Tell them you’ve found some of those answers in the most unlikely places….

…in the face of a sun-soaked dandelion,

…in the cleaning of a toilet,

…in the infectious laugh of a child,

….in the exhaustion of sorrow,

In the deep down quiet beckoning light of internal knowing.

Tell them it’s no accident that either you or they are here .

Tell them the suffering of others , of all beings, pierces and breaks your heart…




…but the fear of their suffering , and yours , has not blinded you into agreeing for it to be turned into thieves gold.

Tell them there are two paths and you chose the one less travelled – but there are more and more walking it every day .

Tell them you will not fight their seeing of you,

but instead will keep your heart’s door open to them.

Tell them your wish for them is they will have peace,

and clear unobstructed sight

and a ferocious fearless Love will capture their heart .

Tell them there is a field ,

It lies out beyond all right doing and wrong-doing,

and you are



to meet them there .

-Annette Morris Keane, April 2021

With gratitude to Rumi for the paraphrasing of his writing in the last lines and to the messengers who brought the Wizard of Oz and THe Truman Show …messengers everywhere!

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