In 2003 I was one of over 100,000 protestors on the streets of Dublin against the invasion of Iraq by the U.S. and U.K. killing machines. We also protested against Ireland’s non- neutral role and endorsement of the murder of thousands of innocents , by permitting the war machines to stop over here on the way. It was a beautiful and powerful day .

The love and passion for peace in the air was electric to say the least . The drums , the dancing , the songs , the colours….
Shane McGowan absolutely hammered on stage and Glen Hansard gently trying to get him to behave himself…
a young and uncompromised Richard Boyd Barretts impassioned words on peaceful resistance …It was an experience I will never forget .

It felt like victory – and it was a kind of victory I believe – but not the kind of victory those of us there thought it might be.
Because you see despite the loud, clear and united voice of the people of Ireland on our desire, our demand actually, to stop permitting war mongerers to use our country , our infrastructure that we paid for with our working hands , in their preparations for genocide – it didn’t actually change a thing .

The response from our government to our pleas at the time was the same as it is to all the protests of the ordinary Irish people today – silence .
I won’t say it fell on deaf ears because they are not deaf .
They heard us alright but they just didn’t heed us because their gain from war was much more important to them than our plea for mercy .

And here we are today – still the same , “neutral” Ireland still inviting the killing machines to stop by so we can give them what they need and send them on their way to murder .
I remember feeling so disappointed and despairing – how could our so called leaders, those we voted in to represent us be so apathetic, so dismissive and worse so collusive about such cruelty ?

I was in my early 30’s at the time and despite being a fairly conscientious young woman due to the lessons learned in my own personal life journey , I can say now that I was very naive about just what kind of people work their way into high positions of power and what parts of their humanity they lock away and forget about on the way .

The only protest I ever attended since (with my children in tow) was the climate change strike in Dublin in 2019. This was mostly an educational exercise for the kids on the power of people coming together for a beautiful cause which at the time I saw as a movement to transform how we relate to our beautiful but so very abused and ill Mother and Home Planet .

I’ve since seen that same movement get hijacked by those same ruling authorities who at first ignored it until they figured out a way to increase their wealth and might through it , and then proceeded and continue to use our love and compassion for each other and for Earth to manipulate us into believing they have the solutions to the destruction they knowingly caused.

Anyway back to the “victory” of 2003….

The battle that was won for me that day was the birth inside me of a way of seeing . It was limited at the start but I’ve been working on refining it since and I believe the development of it will be ongoing until my spirit decides to unzip this particular suit of well used atoms and move on to whatever is next .

What I saw , on those packed,colourful, loud, song and dance filled streets on that day was what lies beyond the programmed conditioned conventionally educated mind.

It was an intelligence not of the mind but of the heart.
It felt so huge that I thought my chest might burst open and I could see everyone around me felt the same .
It was ecstatic , joyful, the same beautiful energy vibrated it’s way through over 100,000 people that day and it lit up our hearts and for those few hours it seemed to show us a truth about ourselves that we normally are turned away from.

I believe on that day we touched something sacred and when you get that glimpse, and that’s all it needs to be , you can never truly accept or even tolerate less than that ever again.

And unfortunately- or fortunately I suppose in the long run – this understanding exposes you to seeing through and the reality of so much that is not sacred, from that point onwards and this is a hard road to take – but – knowing, having experienced in those brief moments what lies beyond is what keeps you moving towards it.

I’ve had a good few glimpses , some longer some shorter since and through consistent spiritual practice I get to connect more frequently but like everyone else my conditioned mind has built strong habits that I find hard to break but I’m up for the work involved in breaking down the walls of self-deceit .

As for protests – I believe what I pointed to above, the joining of the collective heart-intelligence , is the only good reason to do them – though I might be wrong as easily as right .

I don’t think so called humans who have forgotten the true meaning of power and authority (which for me means the power and authority of ones true Self , ones Spirit, over the programmable mind ) really care how many feet are on the streets or how loud the crowds are .
In fact in my research of their objectives I discovered they provide for these eventualities in their plans and projections and they use it for their own gain.

As I see it the true power of the ordinary people now is to resist playing by their rules quietly and peacefully together in unity .
“They” live in pretend mind-towers high above the ground and are not tuned into what we do down here on the sacred life infused soil of Earth .
There are so many ways to join each other in that heart-intelligence space , they’d never be able to keep up to it and since they have lost touch with true intelligence , we are so much smarter than they are – if- we are not playing their game .
Let’s come together in a place they are completely blind to ❤️

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