Decolonise Your Mind

Things beautiful decent humans have been convinced to do this past year ;

Love but lock down .
Protect but stay distant.
Care for but isolate.
Be in it together but stay apart.
Healthy people are probably sick .
Abandon critical thinking .
Millionaires and billionaires have our best interests at heart.
Science is unquestionable .
Questioners are crazy or dangerous and must be silenced.
Believe proven liars .
Don’t believe honest people .
Being human is a disease.
Be afraid to breathe.
Don’t trust Nature .
Don’t trust instinct.
Don’t trust evidence.
Trust in fear.
Give up sovereignty.

It’s never too late to change ones mind .
Crisis = Opportunity
Transformation and Transcendence are ready for us all in any moment , their beginning only a thought away…. ❤️

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