All this madness we are witnessing all the time now has been the case for a long long time – and in every sector of modern so called progressive society .

It’s just all more obvious now that it has surfaced .
I like to believe that what we are seeing is a rising of the poison to the surface .

When our body is sick it needs to expel whatever is making us sick so it will purge, via vomiting, diarrhoea, skin eruptions , mucus membrane inflammation, raising our temperature via fever to burn pathogens in order to kill them etc etc .

If that didn’t happen the harmful poisons would work their way around the body until eventually everything was poisoned.
Sometimes the body’s defence systems are , for various reasons (like lack of regular maintenance) not working as well as they should .

Their ability to recognise the presence of invaders is lacking and so ,often the poison gets to go unnoticed and do a lot of damage before eventually being found out by the parts of the immune system that are still operational and with the ability to agitate the works of the body into throwing out the poison.

At this stage it really needs all the help it can get to do this job successfully but what will be experienced at this stage is rarely pleasant.

I don’t know anyone who enjoys vomiting diarrhoea fever rashes coughing spluttering pain etc .
But if we understand how Nature works through the body, we know that we only discover we have poison deep in our body when it rises to the surface.

When it does we pay attention to that , to what She (Nature) is showing us and we give her all the help needed now on Her terms.

We listen to Her.

We give lots of loving gentle ,care, nourishing food ….and we pay very close attention to what She’s showing us so that we can learn from that .

When the poison has been exposed and with our attentive support , outnumbered by Nature’s protective immune system armies – SHE will then in us , through us and from us do what she does best , survive and thrive ❤️

“It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society “ – Jiddu Krishnamurti

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