Of Land,

Of Ocean,

Of Sky,

Of Ether,

I am indigenous.

Of Fire,

Of Water,

Of Breath,

Of Clay,

I am indigenous





I am indigenous.

My breath is a gift,

It cannot be possessed,

Exhale of lung ,

Is inhaled by Tree,

I am indigenous.

Daughter of Moon,

Son of Sun,

Speck of Infinity,

Giant to the cosmos of human form,

I am indigenous.

Wanting not more than I have,

Needing not more than given,

By the hand of Creation I came to be,

I am indigenous.

I did not begin,

I will not end,

Everywhere and nowhere

Is my Home,

I am indigenous.

Never alone,

In my blood flows my kin,

Before, Now, After,

No parting ever happened,

I am indigenous.

I offer my hands to my Home,

I offer my heart to the children,

I offer my mind to the wisdom of Origin ,

I surrender only to Love.

I am indigenous .

~Annette Morris Keane

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