The Great Mirror

As a deep diver into all things spiritual I’m acutely aware of how too much focus on matters external very much takes away from ones capacity to be in full awareness and connection with ones true internal nature .

So much going on externally now that even though it’s very hard on the mind and heart – and whole nervous system , it is difficult to turn ones attention away from it all .

Or should I …Since I know the external physical world of time and space is a reflection of the internal non-local non-physical realms of Spirit and consciousness ?
And I now realise that this does not apply just to me alone but to “us”all en-masse.

So what we are seeing now is the creation in time and space of what is going on with us in the realms of consciousness – a reflection of where we are all at spiritually.
It’s some reflection eh? 😳

Its so hard for any of us to look in that mirror and more hard to admit that it is our own selves we are seeing .
Much easier to blame all the other selves in the mirror.
Bringing it to light though , does not equal “blaming” and turning away from it completely would be like refusing to acknowledge the pain of a shattered bone or the rotting of an infected wound because it’s too negative a thought or too horrible to look at.

But looking in the mirror and raging at it and blaming it and hating it and trying to force the reflection to do something different is completely futile right ?
Yet logic would tell me that I alone cannot change the reflection via my own actions as it is not just the individual me I see in the mirror.

Rather it is my extended complex symphony of Spirit-Self looking into the mirror and seeing what it is I have come to believe (via memory-loss) about who and what I am and thus by default (as I am by my very nature – Creator ) gathering the light of my own Self into waves, into quantum particles, into atoms, into matter, into species , into individuals, into groups , communities, tribes, races, nations, rights, wrongs, strong, weak, good, evil ….

So though always only looking at the reflection in the mirror of this world will not allow me to really know my Self , equally never looking at it means I remain blind and unaware of what it is showing me.
I need to see ALL of my Self .
I need to feel the pain of the fracture so that I know what has been broken .
I need to see how infected the wound is so that I can know it is to be cleaned.

And with this kind of mirror , the more you look the more you see and it seems there is no end to the infection and the healing needed.
It’s extremely hard even on the most experienced of folks and so those who’ve never looked before could be forgiven for wanting to keep on pretending .
However the wounds and fractured will not only not heal but will make my/our Self sicker and sicker until they are acknowledged.
So how then to strike a balance between looking in the mirror and working on healing what is seen?
It’s a hard one isn’t it ?
And I haven’t even come close to figuring it out yet .

I oscillate on a daily and weekly basis between utter contempt and forgiveness, utter despair and faith , terror and courage, suspicion and trust, love and fear.
But in that mirror are also many beautiful reflections that tell me all is not lost and for now I feel strong enough to look at both .

And see that so many parts of this Self are not fractured or wounded. They are working very well indeed , in symphonic synchronicity, harmonic balance, loving right relationship.
And much like the magic of our microcosmic world of bacteria, fungi and the ancient virome , those healthy parts of Self persistently working together in unity can help heal the fractures and wounds known to be there by looking in that terrible and beautiful reflection in the Great Mirror of Existence .

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