A Message from One in the Age of Ahriman

(Inspired by the work of Rudolf Steiner )

The Original Nameless One,

For a reason that can only be speculated on from this realm of time and space ,

Bore a union of 3 .

And the nameless One said to the 3 ;

“Pay heed.

You must always work in unity,

Since you are the fruit of my loins.

Borne from One without need of an other.

In you is imbued all of my powers.

You are made in my image and likeness.

You are the One reflected in 3 parts.

I offer you each gifts which you must use wisely

And never without the company of the other two.”

Yet as I say this I know

That for a time determined by two of the 3,

You will forget these words. “


To Ahriman was offered Reason and was said;

“Go my child ,

Try to discover the depths and breadths of my infinity.

Be playful in your attempt to analyse and calculate me ,

Be joyous in the realms of scientia.

In your ways of seeing , divide the One into parts.

Examine me closely and attempt to apprehend my magnificence

So that the 3 together can do wonders with it .

But remember ,

The parts can never be complete in separation from the whole .

Do not make the mistake of assuming final conclusions.

For you cannot conclude infinity.

Do not lose yourself to the game ,

For without the other two you will forget your place in the 3 ,

You will forget your own origin and thus believe you alone are the One.

If you do this , you will leave an unspeakable trail of great suffering behind you .”


To Lucipher was offered Autonomy and was said;

“Go my child .

My infinity is yours with which to do as you freely will.

If you need to hear from me, I will meet you in the silence.

I will guide you but I will not bind you to commands .

Freedom from me used in wisdom will mean you can swim untethered in the sea of of my being .

Be warned ! Prepare yourself !

If you desire to ascend the heights of joy ,

The laws of balance mean you must descend the depths of sorrow .

But fear not the sorrows because they are not who you are .

They are the dark contrast that will break open your heart to the full spectrum of my light.

If your gift is used within the confines of disharmony ,

You too will bring upon yourself

And the reflection you create in the world ,

Terrible harm .

But if it is used in the wisdom of unity ,

You will experience what you may believe to be miracles,

Yet in truth they are a but the size of a grain of sand compared to my reality .

And when you are ready to return,

The wise use of your gift

Will lead you back to me .”


To the Christ was said ;

“You are the Sun.

You are my Light,

My knowledge,

My wisdom ,

The unifying force of the 3.

You are the One who will never forget me .

You will know me always .

You will take many forms.

You will have many names .

Wars will be fought in these names

By those who know that you are,

Yet unwittingly limit their seeing of you .

You will travel through aeons .

You will be silently present in times of harmony.

But those who can truly see will find you everywhere;

In all sound where is contained my original word ,

In all the colours of my spectrum,

In the patterns of my intelligence,

In the vulnerability of my innocence,

In the omnipresence of my love and my being .

And when the suffering becomes too great for those who have forgotten,

They will call on you in their darkest hours.

They will cry out your many names

And you will rise from your peaceful inhabitance within all of them.

You will call loudly and with ferocious passion upon the other two

And all the subjects of their great dominions

To remember who they are .

You will suffer for this,

Be ridiculed.

The unseeing will persecute you

But you will not be silenced and will surrender to it all.

You will offer yourself up

For your knowledge of who I Am is above and beyond all of it .

Many through the aeons , and eventually all ,

Will tire of warring on themselves .

They will see beyond the names they have given you

And know you are above all names .

They will see the error of separation

And they will unify.

They will throw down their weapons.

They will gather all their creations,

And their millennia of experience ,

And the knowledge and wisdom they’ve acquired on their long journey outward from me

And inward bound .

They will follow you.

And in the end of infinity you will lead the 3 home to me.

My children and I will be as One,

From whence they never parted .

Annette Morris Keane July 2021

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