Look Closer, Look deeper…

For thousands of years teachers have come to tell us in their various ways of story telling , that we are expressions of something so sacred, so divine, so powerful that we can’t possibly comprehend it within the confines of our limited minds, hence the stories which can only ever point to that Great Mystery but never define it .

But there are few of those of us who know we are not just meat-encased bones who haven’t encountered many moments of joyous revelation and sometimes in the most unexpected of circumstances .
Then most of our minds, always needing to measure and possess , usually attempt to analyse the how and why of those moments , and so they are lost to us over and over again .

But what I now understand to be my truth is this .
The life we have been gifted is not a course of education . We are not tasked with being good learners, clocking up good deeds so as to at the end pass an exam and qualify for a reward .

We are tasked with REAL-ising our own SELF .
The paradise we were born into seems infinite in its glory to many eyes but is just a reflection of an intelligence , a beauty, a love too much to bare for the human mind.
Our Earth, despite how so many see her as a resource for enjoyment and consumption, is too a body of divine expression, a body which we are just a tiny part of .

When you smile , another cannot say that your smile is not you. Everything about your smile comes from you and therefore is you.
You’re smile contains you.
Likewise we, Earth, the whole macro and micro cosmos, as expression of the Sacred , ARE the Sacred.
There can be no distinction.

However in my limited seeing , it appears to me that just as in auto-immune disease, broken rogue elements of the immune system of our own bodies can sometimes mistakenly turn on their own host, over-reacting , treating parts of its own self as if it were a foreign invader, expressions of the Divine can make the same mistake.

We can see this being played out on so many levels in our physical world now .
The attempt to “immunise” the food web by attacking it with pesticides, herbicides, fungicides , causing poison and degradation of the energy supply to the bodies of Earths children.
The response then to the sickness those actions cause is to attempt to immunise those bodies, many of which have become pharmaceutical playgrounds with further attempts at control via attack – antibiotics , over-sanitisation, sterilisation, vaccination, anti-anti-anti.

De-carbonisation . The auto-immune rogue elements in the body of the Sacred Earth expression have decided to attack the very basic building blocks of Life on Earth and treat them as if they were invaders. That’s not to say their aren’t major issues to address but are we to allow our autoimmune dis-ease take control of our well-being?
And now they’re about to replace those building blocks with robots.
The all-seeing all-knowing robots will be able to control it all they say . And all will be well they say.

So the rogue elements of the Divine. There are many theories on who and what they are . Some believe they are servants of another god – one equally as powerful but a bad one .
I’m inclined to think they are an auto-immune disease, that was brewing for a long time and that hasn’t been held to account yet .
There are a couple of potential outcomes here I reckon.

  1. The auto-immune disease is allowed to run rampant, sever the connection of all aspects of the Earth body to its sacred host and eventually destroy the Earth expression .
  2. The rest of the body, the Earth expression REAL-ises what IT IS ; The Sacred Divine materialised in time and space ,
    Putting to use the power and intelligence of that and it rises in that knowing and together works to heal where the dis-eased auto immune system started (perhaps neglect of attention and communication with the host ) and eventually cast out the disease .

Please look closer, look deeper.
Please do not let these rogue detached-from-their-host elements harness and use any more innocent bodies.
Please do not let them sever our bodies connection to their Holy Source.

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