Never again ….

There are those who might suggest that our current reality is one of our collective making , a reflection of what we have been creating unconsciously for decades now .
Indigenously conscious peoples and the history of our own family and community structures tell us a different story than our recent years about the place of elders in society.
Their wisdom, their life experience, the peace of not having to race anymore , the limitations to the years left here in this lifetime and the realisation of quality over quantity .
Yet in recent decades the elders have been pushed further and further out of a rapidly paced first world society’s way .
Much wealth has been accrued by harvesting their vulnerability and declining physical vitality.
We have unconsciously agreed via believed lack of options to a mechanised system taking charge of our elders welfare and the precious time they have left here.
A system all of us know is very much not up to that task.
This past year and a half that system took it upon itself to sever the physical connection between us and our elders , leaving both completely bereft of each other and one utterly vulnerable to abuse.
Many hearts have been broken because of this.
But maybe it’s what we needed.
A few years ago a well experienced geriatric nurse told me she had never met an elder in care of the the system that didn’t want to be in their own home . And she also said most could be in their own homes , given the right kind of support and care – including medical equipment .
She believed that it would cost the “state” much less for those people to be cared for in their own homes , even if it needed to be on a full time basis with qualified medical and care staff etc .
But we’ve been led to believe by the systems purveyors that there are no ways of doing it and right now that is the case because they’ve made it that way .
But only because we have let them and not demanded more.
No one can challenge this alone and it would be a long road but the very first place to start is to never let them imprison our elders again .
Never again .
While from one viewpoint we can see and easily point to the individual players and groups responsible for various aspects of our current crisis and lay blame at their door, if we raise ourselves to a higher viewing point what we might see are the effects of our collective unconscious causes playing out right in front of us , in real time .
Not an easy one to swallow but it must be done if we are to wake up and alchemise it all into a better way . ❤️

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