The Crowning of the Peoples

I believe we are in the crowning (Latin ; corona) stages of birth – new beginnings .
For centuries we have unwittingly submitted to the rules and authority of the collective afraid-of-death ego and lost our sense of who we truly are along the way .
We have been cleverly and subtly lured with treats and rewards , trained to fit into a cage like captive wild birds who eventually forget how to fly.
Our children were born into the cage never even having known what flying felt like .
Yet they have not lost the ability , rather just like us , need to be reminded of the bird they truly are.
We are not a homogenous set of biological commodities to be exploited.
We are a symphony, a dawn chorus of harmonic gifts , talents , skills and together we can compose the most beautiful melody , no robotic , lifeless machine could ever even begin to manufacture .

As a very right brained, empathic person who sees and feels things deeply in symbols and patterns, I believe that artists, writers , musicians have the ability to safely hold the heart of this new movement and to ensure we never get so caught up in the doing again that we forget the “being”.
I had this conversation with a musician neighbour from my childhood last night .
It is no accident that there is an attempt to suppress the arts at this time since it is through the creative mind that one can access the true nature of the heart and soul.

To the people ; Please remember and take care of the artists .

To the artists ; Please remember your divine purpose , and let that help you defeat the fear and rise up into what you are here to do. ❤️

Photo; My daughter in her dreams . Digital art by Aishling Hennessy – Artist at Peppers Lane Art Gallery

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