Ireland, 21st July , 2021

On the day when the president of our country, a man that has been adored by thousands for his “apparent” dedication to human rights, equality and inclusion , signs into law a precedent for the stripping of these right from large sections of our so called “progressive” society, from the people of the country he has written so many loving words about , I struggle to maintain verbal dignity.

I really want to scream a mothers war cry for my children but I know where that would lead .

I shouldn’t be shocked at the apathy.
Many who have been begging for society to wake up to the Life destroying program we’ve all been buying into have been ignored by most for decades .

Now, centralised global totalitarianism , discreetly implemented by faceless, nameless backroom blackmailing , bribing, power-hungry greedy creatures in human bodies , is not just knocking at our door it has crossed the threshold with a more than eager invitation from the householder .

And still , many are just delighted to be able to go on their foreign holidays, to eat in a restaurant or go to the pub.
Still, despite all the warnings throughout history , all the precedents , they can’t see what their apathy , their dangerous silence is giving permission to with their compliance , can’t see that it is not temporary, that it won’t stop here .

With thousands of people so far dying or being disabled from the poisonous medicine containing the same lethal (to some so far at least ) ingredient as the sickness it is supposed to heal ,

With the revelations now happening fast at state investigation levels in USA;

that the sickness is not the blame of Mother Nature (imagine that some ever even thought that it was !) ,
was engineered by humans to make it more lethal and infectious ,
that effective early and late stage treatments were denied to thousands ,
that those who fund the poisonous medicine also funded the creation of the sickness and fund the rule makers who insist we must take their medicine or they will visit our reluctance on our children ….

It feels like a nightmare one is in , begging everyone in the dream to wake up.

But many philosophers both known worldwide and known only in their circle of friends over the centuries , predicted these very events .

They said a time would come when the human animal would again , as it has through many aeons of societal collapse , completely forget its very origin and place in existence , lose itself so much in the illusion of its separate state of existence , that a tipping point would be reached , the suffering of our own karmic forgetting would visit us more harshly than ever.

There would be a conscious “split” where some who’s vision of their sins against their own nature , their own Self ,
who’s vision of the effect of that cause would shake them so much ,
it would force their hearts and minds to break open to their Spirit ,
to grieve their wrongs and to a remembering of cosmic natural laws and the consequences of violating those laws .

Those people would gather together in their sorrow for the suffering they had unconsciously caused and in intention for making amends , for healing wounds ,
for relearning ,
reconnecting ,
and remembering their role as human animal sons and daughters of Earth and Spirit.

It is apparent to me now that the biggest emergency , the most urgent of deeds is for all who are feeling lost , confused , divided , and the terrible grief of being abandoned and scorned by those they never expected , to spend all our energy and attention on our own collective spiritual nature .

“Nothing real is threatened , Nothing unreal exists” (A Course in MIracles )

No one can destroy who we really are.
Those who think they can are only a temporary illusion in this wild wild dream journey of society .
Connect to those who make your heart feel loved, joyful and at peace in their company.
Connect and be with those who you trust with your children , not by their words but by their deeds .
We will all know each other by the integrity of our words and actions .

We are in for a very eventful number of years in this time.
I look forward to meeting the challenges in the company of fine souls .

On a personal note ;
To those who are happy enough to support businesses and organisations who would leave my beautiful children out in the cold, treat them as infectious diseased vermin because we do not trust those who were never trusted before, who do not agree to being experimented on and who
have no knowledge or regard for the ways of Nature and Spirit , I would like to say bye for now .
I never wanted to be part of this kind of division but if you step over the threshold that would deny entry to good decent loving humans , including my family , you enter a different world than the one we will be living in .

I wish you health safety and natural prosperity and I extend an invitation for you to join a more beautiful world running parallel to the one you have chosen , if ever like us , you realise you have been lied to and deceived on levels you may never know .

Love and blessings ❤️

Photos ; Divine Design – spiralling Fibonacci , golden ratio, to be found repeated over and over again all the way from the outer regions of our observable cosmos down to the infinite microcosm of our own bodies and beyond .

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