Light Relief

For some light relief – this is a brewing ribwort / plantago / plantain (the Irish use of the word , not the banana plant ) tincture . Two sons here get awful hay fever and this is great for that , along with being an anti-inflammatory , congestion reliever , sinus relief , anti-bacterial and a lot more .

Plantain is everywhere in Ireland and can be found on verges in poor soil areas (healing the ground too ) We have both broad leaf (major ) and narrow long leaf plantain /ribwort (minor ) here in Ireland . For my 11 year old daughter it is her leaf of choice for a nettle sting poultice – ahead of dock – she says it’s better .

I love wild plant medicine with a passion ! I’ve been pottering here at home with it a few years and I am looking forward to officially starting a community herbalism course in autumn . I hope to bring what I learn to my family and local community in a way that was forgotten by many for decades but is now re-emerging with great enthusiasm . I look forward to sharing more of what I learn along the way . ❤️

Photo : Narrow leaf plantain/ribwort in the garden .

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