I will not fight what has no power over me.
I will not recognise the illusory existence of its power .
I will choose to live my life as my creator desires.
I hear the desires of my creator in the senses gifted to me.
This One speaks to me through the joy of creativity
Through the peace of freedom and gentle being .
All other than This Way I know to be untrue and therefore unreal.
The oppressor is but my shadow.
When I believe in him he comes to life.
Fear is his tool of choice.
What he does not know is a shadow exists only when light is obstructed.
He does not know he is not real
There is only light when the obstruction is removed.
I have come a long way from my creator .
It was willed so that I may travel the breadth of my infinity .
A secret was left hidden in me that I may one day find it.
Adversity would lead me there .
Darkness fell and I could not see .
The One whispered I should keep moving to find my way through.
In the last hour I fell upon the place where the secret was hidden.
I felt the presence of the secret but I could not see in the dark.
I was frightened that the shadow was approaching .
I felt for the vessel containing the secret.
My hand reached into my chest , guided by a force beyond me .
The vessel containing the secret was my own heart .
A voice said “Break it”
I said “But I will die”
The voice said “You will Live”
I took out my heart and broke it open on the hard bones of my chest where it had been hiding it’s secret .
Light exploded from inside .
Shadow disappeared .
I could see for infinity .
Millions of others with broken hearts filled my seeing .
We were born into the LIght of Sight.
We joined hands and began again the work of our creators desires .
Knowing that any shadow that emerged would only be a consequence of obstructed Light.
And that all we needed to do was remove the obstruction
To remove the shadow .
To return to the Light of our Broken Hearts

~Annette Morris Keane

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