God and Devil

Vaseline Surikov ; The Temptation of Christ

“Surreal, “bizzare”, “makes no sense”, “goes against all that is natural” are some of the terms that were used in a conversation the other day with an old friend about the times we are in.

And in there I reckon is the magic ingredient if we could build our ability to grasp what it is .

Below is the context of that conversation and what flowed from it felt so clear I felt I should probably record it ……

If we were to “spiritually personify” it , who is this character we see that has creeped its way into the top of almost all authoritative institutions, into the minds of millions and held them so captive that they would not only fearfully offer their bodies and their freedom to it but also offer their innocent children and their future to it ?

Who is this character who has for eons been battling for control ? Because ultimately that’s what this is about – full control . And if it got full control what then?

Would we be completely lost and disconnected to our origin ?

This is the journey outward from God as I see it and it has been reaching heights over millennia and balanced out again over and over – as if the dark and light, the seeing and blinding (God and Devil) are battling for souls .

We seem to be at a kind of crescendo time now and so the dark is becoming more and more obvious , we can see it’s personified presence everywhere – clear as day .

For so long we weren’t able to recognise it such was its ability to conceal itself .

When I encounter it, my words to it (inside my head ) are “I see you . You will not win. You will win”.

As easy as it is to see it outside us there are two places where we have to be very observant and prepared for meeting it .

One is on our own “side” of what’s going on externally now and the other is inside our own mind .

Here’s how I see it .

EVERYTHING – all energetic and physical manifestation came from one original source ie whatever was/is before the beginning that we know of.

“In the beginning was the word” (sound /vibration) “and the word was made flesh” (sound/vibration/frequency /energy becomes matter )

This source is above and beyond anything we can imagine with our limited minds .

For manifestation , for the origin to be made manifest – a “split” of the whole, of “all that was/is” had to happen – duality had to be born because nothing can exist in time and space without its opposite .

God and Devil came to be .

God being an energetic manifestation of all that is pure , the devil a manifestation of all that is it’s opposite – dual forces .

Both as real within the whole as each other .

All is real but not limited to that as ultimately all happens within the original wholeness .

But that is not relevant to us at this time .

What is relevant is that we are clear on which side of this dualistic dreamlike existence we are on .

And that’s been the fight for centuries .

Because in these tumultuous we are dealing with a force who’s origin is as powerful as ours – because it is the same origin . However one is pure and the other is not and therein lies the difference .

Impurity can be removed – purity is the essence of it all .

Like two glasses of water;

One is dirty and muddy but the other is crystal clear .

Which one could be said to be real water ?

Both , but one is going to quench your thirst and enliven your energy , and the other could make you sick .

However the dirty water can be distilled and purified to rid it of the impurity that is obscuring it’s original crystal clear pure state .

Both though are definitely water .

We are all water – with different levels of built up impurities (falsehoods) needing to be removed .

The “devil” is the dirt and as with water when sometimes the impurities are not so easy to see , the (d)evil is very clever about how to hide itself .

Intellect /academia is a good place to hide since it is more often than not so highly concentrated on mind intelligence, it completely negates the other aspects and intelligences of manifested being ie body and spirit .

So if the other two are not involved in keeping the balance , the (d)evil can move in and settle very easily there and use fine words and ideas to work it’s way around the world convincing it that Spirit -God – purity , does not exist and that we are nothing but mind and meat .

This is the battle between God and Devil .

Not only will d(evil) try to convince us that it doesn’t exist but also that God – the essence of our original pure state of being does not exist either .

And where does that leave us ?

Well we are seeing evidence of it everywhere now and the irony of it all is that it has also worked its way into all the spiritual traditions too – convincing them to offer their trust to it .

Maybe this is because the spiritual traditions have closed their collective minds so tightly by limiting their cognition of Spirit to the literal words of their core teachings which were originally to be interpreted in an esoteric mystical manner as wordy signposts only pointing to realms we ultimately need to leave our minds to truly understand .

This is yet another example of institutionalised restricted comprehension. It’s way is reductionist , sticking with the literal, cutting off the mind from the intelligence of the body and spirit so that (d)evil has the opportunity to hide in even the minds of those who profess to be of God .

What is imperative now is to be able to tell the difference between Go(o)d and d(evil) everywhere we look – on all “sides” -and most especially inside our own minds.

We need to develop our capacity to be acutely observant in as many moments as we can and learn to recognise where our own personal thoughts, perspectives and actions are coming from ; fear or love .

When they are coming from a place that is clearly not Go(o)d is when we say

“No you are not having my mind “

And I believe that the seeing of (d)evil, the revelation of it – in the world outside of ourselves first and then in all of our internal worlds, is the beginning of its end and the beginning of our journey back to Go(o)d – and who knows where then .

Maybe, over the decades, centuries , millennia , once the duality of (D)evil and Go(o)d is over – by us all regaining the sight of our original pure nature , the purity of all of our Godheads whatever form that takes – then gets absorbed back into its own pristine origin outside of time , space and all the realms of existence both in the physical and spiritual worlds .

All of this is but conjecture of course from the limited perspective of my own mind (with some input from the other parts of me)

One thing I feel sure of though is that seeing evil and saying a firm “No” to it now is more powerful than any of us are fully aware of .

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