The Opportunity of Our Times

In this time of great upheavel , there is a phenomenally transformative opportunity for great revelation.
One of the most important things for the ordinary man and woman to learn now is that many things are not (and were never ) as they seem in this modern world society.
The kind of wealth that is leading the way now on the current crisis response (and becoming much much more wealthy in the process) has ALWAYS needed;
Sickness ,
And the dependence of the masses on them for water, shelter, food, medicine, energy, education, information, direction, protection etc etc .
Without that dependence their way of life is lost .
THEY cannot afford for US to be fit and well.
They cannot afford for us to be able to feed and heal ourselves .
They cannot afford for us to know how to take care of ourselves .
They cannot afford for us to know ALL sides of all the stories.
They cannot afford for us to tolerate and accept each other and our differences , to know and care for our local communities, to look away from the screens and into each other’s unhidden faces and really see each other .
They cannot afford for us to become truly educated – knowledgeable and wise.
For them, at ALL COSTS we must stay hungry, sick, disconnected.
Stay angry at each other and not them ,
Stay in the dark,
Stay afraid ,
Stay distracted ,
Stay un-informed,
Stay in the shallows,
Stay needing them
Because THEY NEED US .

They’ve been doing this for centuries .
There are long lines of descendants who have become masters of illusion over time.
They have bribed and bought their way into all major governments and insititutions globally .
Academia and the ability to store and recall complex information (which is only one of many kinds of human intelligence ) is no match for their kind of deeply complex expertise and so even the most highly “qualified” can be fooled by them .
In this age of unlimited information accessibility it is a dangerous time for their deceitful and dishonourable way of life because much as they try it is almost impossible to hide who they really are and what they are up to .
It’s why they are acting so desperate now , rushing to close down all
ideas outside of what they want us to , need us to believe .
They now control all major information platforms in an attempt to quell the revelations that are on the way.
But it’s too late
Despite many not knowing how or where to look, or accepting the terms “misinformation” and “disinformation” as a good reason not to even look, the word is well and truly out after many years of trying.
One by one , family by family , community by community , country by country, we are finding out.
I have no doubt that it will not be an easy time, it could be a long and hard transformation for us and we all need to work hard on our capacities for kindness and compassion, most especially towards our brothers and sisters who are too afraid to see just how much we all have been fooled and manipulated .
We must not turn on each other.
We must take care of each other.
And above all we must protect our children from these very bad people.

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