The Subjectivity of Truth

Berry looking out at Bonnie having her morning pee and wondering when all the humans will cop on 🥰

Food keeps you alive.
But how it is produced and grown not only has a direct impact on the ecosystem of your personal body but on its extended ecosystem of the immediate and broader environment .
Depleted soils from industrial agriculture, synthetic fertilisers, pesticides, fungicides herbicides are all key ingredients, directly or indirectly, of the food most people and animals eat now . Not the food but what has been done to it can slowly kill you .

Water keeps you alive.
But where it comes from , the impact of industry waste on the health of the water , how it is treated and with what before it reaches you means that it too can slowly kill you – not the water but what has been done to it .

School helps make something of lives.
Of kids who would not have educational opportunity elsewhere – girls in parts of the world where they are purposely held back from education in order to maintain power over them and the children they will have , are distinctly advantaged if they manage to get to school.
Institutional systematic schooling also indoctrinates children with group think , steals their sense of individuality by encouraging and fostering herd mentality , takes away their capacity to think critically and independently making them easier to manipulate and control.
Not the education but what kind of education .

Medicine saves lives.
Painkillers relieve pain but take them often enough and they begin to be the cause of lots of other kinds of pain.
Chemotherapy can kill cancer and also poison the rest of your body
Anti-depressants can relieve mental and emotional pain. They can also steal all of your joy and lock you into an internally numb and disconnected world . They can also make you want to kill yourself .
Not the medicine but what kind of medicine .

Vaccines save lives.
History tells us so but they’ve also disabled and killed thousands .
It’s just that the machine that makes them controls (via money) the machine that sells them , the machine that utilises them , the machine that “regulates” them and the machine that informs you about them .
Those machines are completely accepting of the human losses once their gain is worth it .
Vaccines are traditionally minute amounts of a pathogenic organisms injected into the body so as to trigger the body’s intelligent immune system to become activated , send out an army of antibodies to kill the pathogen before it proliferates and afterwards be ready to recognise that same pathogen again .

Most people over 40 have had the childhood diseases the most basic current schedule vaccinates against .
And most of us are still here to tell the tale .
However every year more and more vaccinations are added to the childhood schedule, more and more synthetic ingredients and new technologies are added to these shots in order to break through the barriers the body has to protect itself from danger.
How ironic.
Now we have moved to re-coding our ancient genetic structure in the name of health. Where does it end?
Every year more and more children react to , are seriously injured or killed by the impact of vaccine adjuvants on their body’s micro-systems which are the foundations of their macro-systems .

Many children, many adults are predisposed to injury from artificial immune system agitation.

I am a parent to one of these injured children. I am a resourceful intelligent human being who does not talk of these things from a position of ignorance or for the sake of being dramatic . This is a very serious issue. I may tell our story sometime with my child’s permission .
Thousands of families around the world are in the same position or much worse and some are in legal battles attempting to push through all the obstacles purposely placed in their way to have their children taken care of financially by those who harmed them .

Weapons protect but also destroy .
Media informs but also hides and manipulates.
Governments serve but also steal, lie and control.
Cosmetics can beautify and also hide the real person and their true beauty.
Celebrity can inspire but also influence falsity.
Carbon can pollute but is an absolutely necessary basic building block of all life on Earth.
There is much more that is too deep and controversial to add here but finally for now …

Technology has done wonderful things for humanity
Automation, mechanisation, electricity, the internet has made all of our lives much easier . It has been wonderful .
It has also done and continues more and more every day to do terrible things to Nature, to Earth, to the lives of innocent creatures , to all of our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health
To believe that going in the opposite direction of Nature in order to “save” it and us by putting more and more synthetics and tech on and into our bodies, on and into Earth, is to be in ignorance and denial of all that is true and real.

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