The Storm

Who are you?
Do you know who I am ?

I’m not talking in the absolute now , where we are both the same one , but in the relative where we reflect both each other’s light and dark and everything in between .
We’ve known each other for a time now, either in passing on the highways of the internet or the by ways of natural Life.
Either circumstance or conscious choice brought us to meet in the overlap of each other’s realms of being .

We are either family, friend or acquaintance but what does that mean ?
Are we family by virtue of blood or bond ?
We are all of the original blood but the bonds of our meaning to each other either lie horizontally across the unstable floor of society or they stretch vertically deep into the heart core of our bodies birthplace and branch upward towards the realms of our divine home .

Is our friendship a joining rooted in unconditional love honour and compassion or is it a derelict old house where once our shallows entertained each other , where neither of us really knew who we were and so were unable to truly meet each other ?

Or are we acquaintences dancing around each other’s periphery watching each other’s ways with interest as something from inside us desires to see and hear the reflection of itself in the other ?

Because in these days. the volatility of our time insists that I not hide behind the actors of my various characters, acquired over a lifetime of self preservation via chameleon-like charading .
It calls me to step fully up and into the full spectrum of the light and darkness that wants to express itself evenly through me unhindered by any notions of being in control of what transcends the temporary being of my personhood.

In that same revelationary vein, I am wanting to know who I and mine are in the company of .
Because there are choices to be made.

I’ve been told my expectations of people , and of myself are too high and that it is unfair to have such faith in the capacity of souls to rise out of their limited and corrupted-by-the-hurts-of-life minds.

I really have tried to lower those expectations, that faith in the inherent goodness of all souls under the often deep layers of pain of terror, suffering , vengeance , hatred, because that faith has taken me to the saddest of places .

But you see I need to be able to have faith , to trust .
In these times when my mother-selfs instincts have been ignited by threat to my babies , when all my senses are alight with the sight and sound and smell of imminent peril, I find myself acutely surveying the terrain we move through with more discernment than my faithful heart ever thought it would need to .
I want to find out who stands beside me when I need to protect those I love and who will either run or look away .

I want to know where the precious time and space I have been gifted in this life is occupied with love honour and compassion or by pretenders .

There have been many times in the history of our world where those who peacefully declined to surrender the nature of who they are to oppression and control , to those who would plunder and devastate their bodies and minds with the lost-in-the-dark agenda of souls who do not know their origin .

The innocents were not ready because they thought they knew their communities .
They had expectations and faith that was built on false understanding .
Maybe they didn’t talk about uncomfortable things , storm clouds on horizons .
Maybe they preferred to always think positively despite the approaching clouds and the smell of menace in the air.
Maybe they thought the things they were ordered to do were only a temporary measure for the sake of the greater good.

Can you see it ?
Do you know a storm is coming ?
One that is not of Nature but a machine that wants to take control of her and all her gifts and wring her and all that she is out until there is noting left of her ?
One that wants to take out all who defend her , all who live by her ways and choose her over the machine ?

Will you bow in reverence to that storm ?
Will you cower in its might or worse thrill in its ideals ?
When it comes after the innocent will you help protect them ?
Will your defiant roar be loud enough that all the world wil know you will not abandon those you’ve always professed to care for ?
Or will you retreat quietly into the safety of your belief-fortified garrison , comfortable in your faith that doing as the storm-machine says will keep things simple and more secure for you while outside innocents are being corralled for the slaughter ?

This is no time for not truly knowing each other.
There are plans to be made for other ways of being .
There are choices of paths to take and goodbyes to say to some .
I’m too old now with too many in my care to be unsure of my company.
I don’t expect answers really but I ask so that I may discern the answer which is often in the silence .

And there are others who know this question is not for them.
New and old companions who , even though our ways are sometimes very different , we love and honour each other deeply and will always defend innocence and freedom .
There’s not much to say to you except about my gratitude to Life for you .
And that I will stand beside you when the storm comes and have made my peace with dying on the hill where I defend the innocent , my own care and yours, in full knowledge that this is but a sacred chapter in a much greater story ❤️

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