Reminded this morning in a conversation (about the unnerving venomous anger we are witnessing at some protests) , of the teenage kids I worked with for many years in high support social care (a locked prison-like therapeutic care unit)
Assaulting carers one end of the day and crying for their often very abusive parents on their way to bed .
The sadness and suffering of these kids still haunts me 13 years after I left social care to come home .

When people who many deem as undesirables or the dregs of society grow up in an oppressive unnatural family and societal environment all their lives , they have a lot of suppressed pain and suffering . Many are descendents of centuries of inter-generational trauma .
There are generally two ways to deal with that kind of suffering. You can either let it poison and eventually kill you or you can release the pressure valve for the sake of survival.

There are various ways of releasing that valve.
If one is privileged enough to have the means and opportunity to acquire psychological, emotional and spiritual support, they can and do rise out of their pain and alchemise their suffering into transformation .
Very often though , people have neither the means or the opportunity to do it this way – yet they have an inate desire to survive .
So the survival instinct , rather than allowing its host to be poisoned slowly to death by inner torment, unconsciously releases the pressure valve and what comes out is deep broad and often uncontrollable anger .

I know that many are worried about the violent elements of the resistance of abusive state laws being implemented on our country and the world over .
This element is a small fraction of the people who oppose authoritarian rule and the ignoring of our natural born personal sovereignty . Most people in the movement for personal sovereignty are people who desire to live their lives freely but rooted in personal responsibility , morality and without causing harm .

The folks you see screaming blue murder , threatening etc are people who have been so traumatised in their lives they are projecting it outward to release their pain .
A crisis of en-masse mental and emotional and physical abuse like this is a perfect reflection of their inner torment and a perfect screen to project that torment on to.
While this as we know is not how to sway a nation of exhausted confused and fearful people , compassion needs to be applied here too instead of engaging in the rhetoric of division and factions, something the machine would be very happy about . It would make us much easier to conquer .

The search for and healing of our own inner demons, the forgiveness of our own perceived mistakes and failings and the peaceful compassionate unification of all of the people of Ireland and beyond against the systematic oppression of the machine we all unconsciously created together is the only way to survive and defeat what’s coming if we don’t remember and redirect ❤️.
Please check out this enlightening article on the concept of Wetiko.

Let’s Spread the Word: Wetiko

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