All theories, beliefs, politics, suspicions, expertise aside, it’s as simple as this ;

Synthetic medicine will never heal the damage caused by synthetic food, medicine and way of life .
Industry and technology will never fix the damage caused by industry and technology .

Rigid, reductionist, intellectualism and scientism at the expense of the balanced tri-state of being a “whole” human, ie; mind -body- spirit, living in full harmony with our home ground , with Nature, which IS our extended physical and spiritual body , will never take humanity to the fullness of its potential .

The first world, which calls itself “civilisation” , is now on a full scale trajectory of degradation of the Earth body and devolution of the wholeness of human being.
If you don’t know this , you are lying to yourself.
When we have reached a stage that it has become a civic duty to agree to a technological restructuring of our ancient genome en-masse , we are not evolving we are de-volving.

More and more now choose to uncivilise ourselves from here on in.
It (civilisation ) will go where it will , as it has many times before when humans played God.

But for whatever time we have left here in this sacred paradise under attack, we will spend it connecting, nourishing, restoring , creating, playing and grateful for the magnificent intelligence and the mysterious force of love that animates our own bodies and Earth’s .

Good luck bowing and taking direction from the men (and women) in suits, from the robots, from all the ones who need you to be hungry sick and afraid to keep their kingdoms rich .

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