This is not a new thing .
It’s a crescendo.

As they sell you the first in their series of en-masse genetic interventions (and there is so much more than this coming )
Know that they no more care about your health,
than they cared about hunger when they sold the


to the tired farmer who we burdened with our bellies,
which poisoned our food,
which poisoned our body,
which brought us to their heavily armoured solid gold door
asking to be fixed .
They are everywhere now.
The paymasters of all licensing authorities ,
the only news you must watch.
the only authority you must obey .
the shiney fake plastic distractions.
the rewards for being obedient.
the punishment for not trusting them .
Whatever you do , they say ,
Don’t think about your mortality.
Run run run away,
Spend all your Life avoiding Death .

They are busy working on uploading your beautiful mind to a machine –
To their machine .
So maybe you won’t have to die.
Next up – big climate business and a few more pandemics that’ll need more injections and controls to keep us all safe from dying.
The Great Reset ; Absolute Corporate Governence –
Big Pharma,
Big Tech,
Big Ag.
Little Digitized Tracked Traced Controlled Humans.
Nature commodified .


An exodus is underway .
Choices have been made.
Bags are being packed by many .
New beginnings have already begun ❤️

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