Control , Alt , Delete, Reset

Moderna (website ) explains MRNA gene editing technology


From Merriman- Webster Dictionary;
Latin trans-, tra- across, beyond, through, so as to change, from trans across, beyond…

“Beyond” Human?
What does it mean for human to go beyond itself ?
What is it that takes the human beyond itself ?
Out beyond our human-ness what will be in charge ?
Will there free will ?

Cosmic Infinite Natural Intelligence, long existing before we arrived, brought us this far .
Then we discovered we are made of , full of , that same intelligence and we began to understand we could , we should, learn to use the force to create, to let it play through us .
And we did.
We created mini universes of our own .
Some never forgot the hand that feeds them .
Some got greedy and tried to bite it off but instead severed the main artery coursing the life blood of their own souls .
Fake plastic imitated universes became all they know .

“humanly contrived,
having existence in legal, economic, or political theory,
caused or produced by a human and especially social or political agency,
lacking in natural or spontaneous quality,
devised by humans (as opposed to originating naturally or divinely )

Imitation ;
(Merriman- Webster )
something produced as a copy : COUNTERFEIT
resembling something else that is usually genuine and of better quality : not real

Are we to hand ourselves over to ArtificIal Intelligence now ?
Does it know Love ?
Or does it only know functional efficiency ?
What happens if our beyond human operating system decides we are no longer functionally efficient ?
Does it think there are too many of us ?

Whilst it’s working hard on perfecting the biology of the impaired “dysfunctional” human , what will it see as a burden to shed from the new and improved
Greatly Resetted system?
What will it consider imperfections in humans, in Nature ?
(Have you seen the new high tech “City Trees” in Cork City ?
They will filter the pollution they say.
Yes the pollution from the system that must keep growing .
The one the real trees were in the way of so they cut them down .
Are real humans in the way too ?

An efficient operating system needs to be predictable, it needs to have sameness , it couldn’t afford to have its parts or its batteries running off doing their own thing,
being independent of the machine .

Homogeneity ;
(Merriman Webster )
the quality or state of being of a similar kind or of having a uniform structure or composition throughout : the quality or state of being homogeneous,
mathematics : the state of having identical cumulative distribution functions or values

When for the sake of predictable functionality and efficiency we get rid of all our divergences, our differences, our vulnerabilities,
the balance of all our ups, downs, ins, outs, white, black , man woman, homo, hetro, preferences, dislikes, our births and deaths , our joys ans sorrows , beginnings and endings,
What will be left ?

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