Femina & Masculus

The forgoing of personal sovereignty, responsibility and power,
The disconnect between body and heart,
Heart and mind ,
Mind and spirit ,
Human from its Mother Ground.
The departure of the socially constructed personality
From its divine masculine and feminine roots
(As seen expressed throughout Nature)
Has lead us to a space in the timeline of humanity’s term on Earth,
Where possession, pleasure, and mechanical function,
Have become not just a priority but all many humans know,
As they live in full blown denial of our body’s mortality,
And our spirits immortality .

The escalation of the consequences of all this
Call for the individual and collective
Feminine & Masculine
To turn our sight inwards,
Search for our own roots, our true origin ,
For the balanced joining and expression
Of Sacred Feminine and Divine Masculine
From which the cosmos was birthed,
And of which we are all created and creative reflections.

“As within , so without”.

If we answer the call from deep within,
Underneath the layers of thought upon thought,
There we will find true Gods and Goddesses
Waiting to guide us .
Their methods of teaching the incorruptible,
Changeless laws of the universe,
Have no need of force.
You are not asked to sacrifice your cosmic free will.
You are simply asked to one by one
Remove the garments of illusory knowledge and identity,
The inherited cloaks of limitation, obligation,
Rights and wrongs,
Shame and Guilt,
Fear upon fear upon fear
Handed down to you
Through your lineage of wounded ancestors,
Which you feel it your duty to wear,
Despite their heavy weight and confinement.
They’ll request your faith in them to show you
Your beautiful truth,
As you stand naked before them,
Vulnerable ,
Afraid of your Self
And free of all that you are not .

These sovereigns take no lands nor peoples
They’ve no need to take what is already theirs.
They only await the awakening of the peoples from their nightmare of capture .
And their return to the Mother and Father One
From whom they only dream they have departed .

-Annette Morris Keane

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