A Dedication to a Warrior Soul

Sweet innocence ; Daughter “K” singing to herself while hanging out the clothes ❤️

This is dedicated to m’anam chara (my soul friend ) who’s birthday it is today .
A reminder of the warrior she is ❤️

The usual flow of creative words has been suspended for a while for some reason . I’d been struck dumb by a combination of a few different things but I’d like to share a flow this morning that reflects the changes that have been happening here for me.
Also I am so blessed and very grateful to be in the company of some lovely people on the same wavelength .

I thought I was generally “aware” of how illusory, separated from reality, societal human life is-

But at a ferociously rapid pace I have had the depth and breadth of that illusion exposed to me over this past year and a half.
I now realise I barely understood just how beguiled humanity is and I’m still only at the beginning of that realisation .

There are very bad, dangerous, some would say evil people running the business of the world designed by humans.
This kind of business so badly hurts the rest of planetary life – the “Whole Being” we have forgotten our bodies are completely and utterly dependent on and therefore have a duty to and so we should not be , step by step , separating ourselves from it by way of hijacking ancient systems of intelligence for fear of the inevitable.
We should not have , we should not be , but we are.

They have no care for any of Life outside their own bloodlines.
They are not new .
They’ve been around a long time .
They show up in many guises depending on the times but are the same beings .
They have caused and gained from many other terrible premeditated events and suffering throughout humanity’s timeline.
This is just a new round but make no mistake they aim for it to be their greatest feat .

Even now , most people are completely unaware of this.
Even with the benefit of historical hindsight, most people believe what the bad people want them to believe despite mountains of evidence right under their nose, despite centuries , millennia of prophetic messages that came true .

I have no control,
nor should ,
nor could I have,
over “most people”.
Nor would I want to,
Except that I have always desperately ,
so fucking painfully
wanted everyone to be happy, to understand that they are more than they know ,
And I now realise that I have been attempting to make that happen , which in a way is an attempt at having control .
And in the process have caused a lot of suffering to my Self and those who love me.
I now surrender that dillusion .

What “controls” people is ignorance .
If this is truly understood at all the levels necessary ,
Everything changes .

People are not just people .
People are Spirit and energy being played out in the relative world of matter .
Therefore it is not just bad people who are controlling big business matters here on Earth.
(By “big business” in no particular order I mean government , war , pharmaceuticals , communications , technology , sickness , death, food, shelter – and now environmental “protection” and the monetisation of Nature etc ),
It is bad energetic frequency,
Split off disconnected-from-source , fragments of Spirit .

The battle we are in the midst of is at its foundation a spiritual one and it is a battle that is but one battle in a long running war.
I am totally unapologetic about this Godly language .
The times are way too urgent for not saying it like I see it is .

Spiritual battles cannot be “fought”, in the realms of matter, mind and emotion.
They are only reflected here .
These realms are but mirrors of events occurring in the subtler fields of Spirit.
The human “world” is a collection of theatrics cast on to the screen of material existence , a role play we can and are meant to observe deeply and learn from.

Anyone with the intention of “victory” in the current battle who has not understood the full meaning of this , must for a time , retreat from the battlefronts of matter.
They must go to the place within where there are teachers waiting. Teachers who have fought and won these battles .
They must keep walking until they meet those teachers.

The wise ones will not be what they expect them to be so they must be watchful and keep their instinct and intuition sharp .
There they will be trained in the art of spiritual combat .
They will learn about the enemies most dangerous weapon;


and learn how to defeat it .
The only battle that can be won must be prepared for and fought in the realm of spirit .
The training for spiritual battle is a different kind of combat .
It looks nothing like the battles in the reflection of ignorance being played out in the human world .

But there are many, many reflections in this world, showing up on the screen of matter,
Of warriors fighting that battle in the beyond.
Their weapons are not what one might expect weapons to be .
True, unobstructed unfiltered “sight” is their sword
And courage in the face of the unknown is their shield .
They are prepared and willing to die on the hill of freedom lost in matter
But gained in Spirit .

In the meantime , whilst the Great Mystery desires for them to travail both worlds ,
They gently but with absolute resolve decline the glamorously fearful temptations of ignorance many before them declined ,
Despite the looming threat of suffering and of being “locked out “, cast out to unbelonging .
Because it turns out that unbelonging in one world
Is a beautiful belonging in another .

And they are being and belonging together,
Taking care of each other ,
Of the paradise they know to be a precious gift ,
Of all parts of who they are;
Matter and mind temporarily ,
Infinitely Spirit,
Creating, exploring , discovering,
Under the guidance of the only laws they observe and accept as true and real;
Natural law -reflected in this beautiful paradise ,
And Cosmic Law – reflected in aeons of death and resurrection;
The ebbing and flowing dance of the Sacred in time and space,
As is their duty to their Origin,
Until such times as they have finished the journey that is both outward and inward at the same time
And they return tired but complete in the final understanding of just who exactly they are ❤️

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